MyoBuddy PRO Percussive Massager

All New MyoBuddy PRO Percussive Massager Now Available Online!

MyoBuddy Percussive MassagerFor fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, people in chronic pain and everyday active people, daily personal massage can help ease sore muscles and pain, release general stiffness, reduce risk of injury, relieve tension and anxiety, and even improve sleep and circulation. Now, MyoBuddy Products®, developers of the MyoBuddy PRO Massager®, takes personal electric massagers to the next level by adding deep tissue, warming, trigger point percussive massage, providing relief to sore muscles and making it easier for athletes and everyday people to treat themselves to daily massage.

Now available to order at for $399, the MyoBuddy PRO Percussive Massager is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists, Chiropractors, Coaches and Athletes, Fitness Instructors, Physical Therapists and Physicians alike.

Handheld personal vibrational massagers, also known as percussive massagers, have grown in popularity over the past few years amongst athletes and individuals looking to take charge of their aches and pains, and the increasing high demand for these products is not without reason. From providing relief to aching muscles and making it easy for those who work out and those who work in front of computers all day to better manage their health, the MyoBuddy PRO percussive massager provides big wellness benefits.

The MyoBuddy PRO Percussive Massager is the most powerful, comfortable, and affordable electric massager on the market. Providing wellness and pain relief in seconds, the MyoBuddy PRO offers full-body massage, for both self-care and partner massage, and features all types of massages including trigger point, deep tissue massage, recovery, sports, circulatory, percussion, mobility, pre/post workout, relaxation, lotion and essential oils, as well as dry brushing. Use for both pre-workout warm up and post-workout treatment and feel the difference!

“As a personal trainer and a competitive athlete I know the importance of keeping my muscles ‘tuned-up’. As soon as I started using the MyoBuddy PRO Massager on myself and on my clients I saw incredible results, especially in pain reduction. My clients LOVE it and in fact, they’ve all bought one! I use it on myself to release tension in my shoulders and neck. Having had a recent shoulder replacement, I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool in maintaining fluid range of motion.” – Fitness Professional Keli Roberts

The MyoBuddy PRO Massager features:

  • Soft Rotating Massage Surface
  • Three Speed Controls
  • Various Massage Positions
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Twelve Foot Cord

MyoBuddy PRO Percussive MassagerMyoBuddy Products’ Founder Lillo Furca was inspired to develop the MyoBuddy Massager in 2011 when he witnesses a friend using a power tool as a massage device for personal muscle therapy. This is when Lillo had an “aha” moment and he set the wheels in motion to produce a personal percussive massager that would become a nationally recognized, independent product with UL (safety) certification, with plans of including a body of therapeutic education to go with it

Percussive massagers are powerful massage devices used primarily by chiropractors for over 40 years. Furca’s version, based on the power tool model, proves to be just as powerful as most chiropractic models on the market, yet is more user-friendly and affordable for the common household. Aiming to bring the healing power of percussive massage to the world, Furca founded MyoBuddy Products and the MyoBuddy PRO Massager was born.

“Massage is important whether you want to maximize your workout or if you are just someone works in front of a computer all day,” says Furca. “It’s the price of a couple of deep tissue massages, and you never have to make an appointment. Give yourself or your companion a massage treatment every day with the MyoBuddy PRO Massager!”

Watch this video of celebrities enjoying a MyoBuddy massage at a recent Hollywood gifting party to learn how MyoBuddy can help you live better, play better and relax better.

Note: Check with your doctor before using a personal massage device if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, are taking medication or blood thinners, post surgery, inflammation, bone fractures or breaks, or experienced recent whiplash or musculoskeletal trauma. This product is intended for adult use and children with supervision. Whether you are applying the massage personally or for others, never operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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