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Myobuddy Massager Announces New MS Support Program

Furthering its mission to provide percussive massage therapy to those who most need it, Myobuddy Massager Pro is establishing an MS Support Program to advance research and help people with Multiple Sclerosis.

The company’s newest campaign is a way to encourage massage therapy as a means to help people with MS improve their everyday lives.

Melanie Williams, a Myobuddy user who has dealt with MS and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) for 15 years, said the percussive massager provides a “huge relief of my nightly pain.”

Williams said: “The speed is perfect and allows me to relax and fall asleep. I highly recommend the Myobuddy for people that suffer from MS and RLS.”

Another user, Janelle Robinson, publisher of the blog A Break 4 Mommy, said the Myobuddy helps “relieve her chronically fatigued body” and is a tool that “has given her new life.”

Robinson had been prescribed massage therapy by her neurologist to relieve muscle tension and soreness, “but unfortunately due to my hectic schedule I was never able to make an appointment. This little powerful pal is a perfect timing for my achy body,” she said.

A third Myobuddy customer with MS, Dave from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, noted how the Myobuddy Massager has been great for loosening his leg and, especially, calf muscles.

“I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for several years and find the multiple speed choices and vibrating action of the Myobuddy does for my muscles what medicines can’t do and that’s to give me relief in my legs,” Dave said.

Massage therapy is a resource that can help with muscle stiffness and rigidity. The Myobuddy Massager Pro puts professional grade percussive massage technology in the hands of everyday users, opening a new door for therapy for people with MS, RLS, Parkinson’s and more.

“We are advancing efforts to conduct field research with customers who are using the massager for therapeutic reasons and to supplement care for chronic fatigue and muscle stiffness,” said Lillo Furca, CEO and founder of MyoBuddy. “Our company feels morally obligated to get our product into the hands of anyone who needs it; I can’t explain how encouraging it is that this is really catching on within communities who most stand to benefit from our powerful percussive massage technology. It’s amazing.”

MS Support Program details will continue to rollout in the months ahead — for now, if you or anyone you know has MS, Myobuddy extends an open invitation – email the company at or call (844) 696-2833. A company representative will talk you through the process and provide information on how to obtain a discounted unit.

This announcement comes on the heels of the company unveiling its support for the Parkinson’s Community — more details on that initiative here.

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