Myobuddy Pro Massager

Our classic model is the perfect intro to professional strength self massage.



Features & Specs

The design that started it all.

Our classic model is powerful enough for professional therapy but easy enough for every day use at home.

3 adjustable levels of strength

6″ wide massage surface area

Professional strength

Soft massage pad is safe on bones

Includes 1 white and 1 blue lotion bonnet

We love seeing the shocked faces of new Myobuddy users.

You can find out what it's like today!

The ONLY place to get vibration, percussion, and heat wrapped into ONE massager.

All built specifically to relieve the deep soreness you're feeling so you can live each day with freedom.

Adjustable Strength

Professional Strength

One Year Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

How to use

Click on the muscle groups below to explore videos and information on how to use Myobuddy® on different parts of your body. Relief is on the way!

Post workout massage will keep the fascia from tightening, and push lactic acid and waste, all while oxygenating muscle cells and increasing circulation.
The percussive massage of a Myobuddy® Massager helps release tension and stiffness.
Massaging your body every day can help with aches and pains, muscle soreness, mood, detoxification, muscle performance, stress relief and more.
No worries! Itching is a common feeling with sudden increase in circulation. When the muscle cells and blood vessels dilate, stimulation of the nervous system may create minor itching sensation.
Recent studies have shown that percussive massage can cause muscle tissue to contract more than 30 times more powerful than normal voluntary contractions. Interestingly, like yoga and exercise, this action results in muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery. This magical combination of results in relieving muscular tightness and reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints. A percussive massage has proven to deliver more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle and fascial tissues. The results are reduced stress and soreness, and improved muscle function. Used in the rehabilitation process, the percussive massager expedites the healing and recovery of non-use atrophic muscles that have been injured due to trauma, surgery or disease. This result makes it the perfect tool for people with paralysis.
Anybody who can benefit from a massage can enjoy a Myobuddy® Massager. People with sore muscles, tightness, athletes, hard workers, sitters, standers and those recovering from accidents and surgeries. People who love massages. People with stress. And people living well!
Yes. All of our massagers are designed to be user friendly for self-care. With our handle and grip options it’s even easy to massage the mid-back.
Massaging your body every day helps with muscle soreness, mood, detoxification, muscle power, organ tissue health, and stress relief. The more you use a Myobuddy® massager, your treatments become intuitive and your body tells you how to use the machine to improve all of these aspects of your life. Live Well!
30 seconds to 5 minutes per body part. Up to several times a day.
Many find that 10 minute massages, twice per day will help achieve optimal results. What’s nice about Myobuddy® is it is always on call and you do not have to make an appointment!
Use the edge for a harder, deeper massage, focusing the percussive action on your trigger points, scar tissue and hypertonicities.
Use the flat aspect for warming your tissue, and general all-over massaging. It feels amazing!
High speed is necessary for a smoother warming massage. Use high speed when you want a greater surface area to benefit.

Low speed is more percussive in general and delivers a deep percussive massage. This is great for easing into your massage. Increase the speed gradually.

People tend to grip the tool tighter than necessary, but we have created a grip which allows the user to hold it with the fingertips, gently leaning it in the direction of intended use. Lighten up on your grip, and you do not have to push for it to do the trick.
After massaging an area, the user will often notice redness and light puffiness of the skin due to the dilation of blood vessels, muscle cells and fascia, but no worries, as these are all very good things. Consult your physician if you experience prolonged periods of pain or inflammation after using any of our massagers.

“Want to know why my muscles are so happy right now? It’s because I just got done experiencing next level recovery using the Myobuddy Massager Pro®. I’m so glad I have one of these personal massagers in my possession. You see, last Friday I was in a not-so-major car accident. I was stopped at a red light but the lady in the car behind me didn’t stop. She drove into the rear of my car going about 30 mph. Don’t worry about my car. It’s fine. My back however… not so much. My back started spasming upon impact. I always thought people who complained about neck or back pain caused by accidents were quacks trying to get money. Now I know that’s not the case. Thankfully the Myobuddy Massager Pro® saved me from a whole weekend of agonizing pain. I came home Friday afternoon and released, relaxed and recovered right away.”…


Health Coach, Wholesome Paradise

“In July, I was introduced to the Myobuddy Pro® Massager and it appeared to be a solid product that I was curious to try. I don’t feature a lot of products on my blog unless I am sure they are worth talking to you guys about and I am excited about this tool. As time goes on and I keep cranking away on running and fitness (I have rediscovered a love for swimming), the more tools I use to strengthen, exercise and recover. This (Myobuddy Massager Pro®) has been added as one of my go to tools and I hope you get a chance to try it also.”…

Natalie Mitchell

Fitness Blogger

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