Benefits of Percussive Massage on Mobility and Flexibility

One of the less frequently touted benefits of percussive massage with the Myobuddy is the improvements in mobility and flexibility it can bring.

If you’ve experienced lack of mobility associated with an injury or just a general sedentary lifestyle, a percussive massager can help to loosen up some of those rarely-used deep muscles. The elongation of the muscle fibers gives you a temporary increase in flexibility, and as long as you repeat the treatment on a regular basis, you can keep some of this improved flexibility for the long term.

The increased blood flow brought to the area by percussive massage provides an increased range of motion, while the fast contractions of the Myobuddy can actually help to strengthen the less-used stabilization muscles.

And it’s not just the muscles that benefit. The percussive massager can help to relax thickened connective tissue and fascia. It can even help to break down scar tissue that may be in the way and limiting your range of motion.

Percussing massage can even help to loosen up stiff joints, though one should be careful not to cause more damage to joints suffering from arthritis or other chronic diseases.

Best of all, percussive massage works FAST. One 10 minute massage can help you feel tangible results to your flexibility and mobility.

Have questions about how the MyoBuddy percussive massager can help you regain your mobility and flexibility? Reach out to us to find out more!

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