History of the MyoBuddy Percussive Massager

A businessman who has owned and operated businesses in Chicago since he was 19 years old, Lillo Furca ran into an acquaintance in 2011 that was using an orbital power tool as a high powered massage device for personal muscle therapy. Having been heavily involved in the world of sports since he was a child, Lillo was aware of an underground cult of fitness junkies that were using power sanders and the like on their bodies to reduce muscle tension…. and that’s when Lillo had his “aha” moment and he set out to produce a massager that would become a nationally recognized, independent product with UL (safety) certification along with a body of therapeutic education to go with it.

Around this time, Lillo met Jason Auer­-Sears, a full­ time licensed massage and yoga therapist that has worked with chiropractors since 2000. Jason discovered that what Lillo was developing was a “percussive massager,” a powerful massage device that has existed for over 40 years and used primarily by chiropractors. Lillo’s version, based on the power tool model, happened to be just as powerful as most of the chiropractic models on the market, yet more user-friendly and affordable for the common household.

Aiming to bring the healing power of percussive massage to the general public, Lillo and Jason teamed together to found MyoBuddy Products, LLC®, and to create the MyoBuddy PRO Massager® and the supporting technical education.

Today, MyoBuddy strives to bring affordable, powerfully comfortable massage devices to consumers in their homes, offices and gyms and to wellness experts and physical trainers aiming to bring the healing power of percussive massage to their clientele.

Lillo still loves sports, and personally enjoys the therapeutic benefits of his MyoBuddy, and Jason continues to treat his clientele with the MyoBuddy Massager.

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