Professional Massage. Every Day.

Daily relief from the comfort of your home.

Our line of professional massagers relieve aches, pains, stiffness and increase circulation with the power of a blend of vibration + percussion + frictional heat. The way they feel is life-changing.

Guaranteed to relieve aches, pains and stiffness.

30 day full satisfaction guarantee – no questions asked.


Classic Model. Affordable, but Feature Rich.

Our original percussive massager with a full range of features. Even our most basic model delivers a professional grade, life-changing massage.

New Pro 2

Professional Performance Enhanced.

Updates our classic model based on feedback from customers and professionals, making it better than ever!


Advanced Model with Extra Power & Heat

Great for athletes, professionals, and massage snobs but still easy for everyday users who want more versatility.

Putting The Power of Massage Into Everyone’s Hands

It takes only minutes to master our massager basics. Each model reaches professional strength with versatile features. You’ll find endless ways to dig into stubborn muscles, relieve pain, recover from workouts and more!

Transform Muscle Recovery

We made Myobuddy® massagers to serve all kinds of muscle recovery needs.

Strong and effective vibration therapy you can adjust to meet your body’s changing needs.

Percussive therapy with the power to deliver a deep tissue massage.

Frictional heat helps dilate blood vessels, reduce stiffness and aid healing.

Bell shape for better handling and focused large area massage.

For The Athletic

For the Active

For the Everyday

See What it Feels Like to Use a Myobuddy®

We can describe our massagers to you all day, but the proof is in how Myobuddy® make people feel.

Recover post workout.

End a stressful day at the desk.

Use professionally on clients.

“The Myobuddy® Massager is essential for my training as I prepare for the CrossFit Games. It’s a must for serious athletes of all kinds. I use it for pre-workout and I get more out of my muscles. I use it for post workout for faster recovery and to get serious pain relief. It is the best, try it once and you’ll see!”

Dakota Rager — Professional Athlete, CrossFit Games

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