Fitness Bloggers review MyoBuddy Massager Pro®

The reviews are in… IDEA World Fitness bloggers are absolutely loving the MyoBuddy Pro® Percussive Massager!

Check out what they’re saying…

Deep Fried Fit Blog
“Fitness isn’t all about logging in those sweaty workouts. It’s about rest and recovery too. Check out my new secret weapon in my arsenal of recovery tools.” -Mai Lyn – Click here to read her full review.

Fitness Bloggers discuss recovery benefits of MyoBuddy Massager Pro®

Wholesome Paradise Blog
“Want to know why my muscles are so happy right now? It’s because I just got done experiencing next level recovery using the MyoBuddy Massager Pro.” -Stephanie – Click here to read her full review.

Fitness Bloggers discuss recovery benefits of MyoBuddy Massager Pro®

Nat Runs Far Blog
“Simple, easy to use and transport. I appreciate the three levels of pressure, based on how deep of a massage you would like. I have also used the Pro Massager BEFORE a run or workout to loosen my muscles or any cranky areas… It’s now one of my go to tools for recovery.” Click here to read her full video review.

The missing link in your workout fitness routine, MyoBuddy Massager Pro® combines percussive massage with cutting edge vibrational technology, boosting workout recovery and restoring muscle function. The tool of choice for top fitness professionals and practitioners, MyoBuddy Pro places professional grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point therapy in the palm of your hands, providing instant relief to muscle soreness and myofascial pain and making it easier for athletes and every day people to treat themselves to daily massage.

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