The Best Percussive Massager: 3 Factors That Set Myobuddy Apart from Other Percussive Massagers

The truth of the matter is that there are a number of different percussive massagers currently on the market. At Myobuddy, we’ve put in years of experience into designing a product that stands apart from others in its features, usability, and durability.

Here are 3 factors that separate our Massager Pro line from other percussive massagers on the market:

1. No hard nobs.

Unlike other massagers, the Massager Pro features a vibrating, oscillating padded disk with three layers of foam and a plush microfiber bonnet. This is designed to deliver optimum levels of vibration, percussion, and frictional heat.

Our blue lotion bonnet is super soft and designed for use with or without massage oils, pain relieving ointments, aromatherapy, and skin exfoliating salts. It’s soft enough for direct contact over skin or but durable enough to be used over clothes. It’s fully washable and reusable.

If going without any oils you can also use our more basic white bonnet which is equally soft, durable, long-lasting, and fully washable.

2. We’re the percussive massager widely adopted by industry professionals.

Just read the reviews to find out who’s been using the Myobuddy Massager Pro. Everyone from celebrity trainers, to professional athletes, to medical professionals specializing in chronic pain, has been raving about the features and performance of the Massager Pro.

3. A three year warranty.

Our product comes with a 1 year warranty standard, but we’re so confident in its quality and durability that for a limited time we’re offering customers an extended 3 year warranty simply by registering on our website. This warranty term puts us well ahead of anything offered by competing percussive massagers.

Ready to give the Massage Pro a try? Try it now completely risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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