Treating Sore Trapezius Muscles with Percussive Massage.

Trapezius Muscle PainExperiencing tightness and soreness in the upper back is a classic symptom of an inflamed or torn trapezius muscle.

In human anatomy, the trapezius is either one of two large superficial muscles that extend longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade). Its functions are to move the scapulae and support the arm.

The trapezius has three functional regions: the superior region (descending part), which supports the weight of the arm; the intermediate region (transverse part), which retracts the scapulae; and the inferior region (ascending part), which medially rotates and depresses the scapulae.

What causes Trapezius Muscle Pain and Inflammation?
Your trapezius muscles are some of the first to bother you when you’re feeling stressed. Tightness and soreness in the upper back is symptomatic of an inflamed or torn trapezius muscle. When the upper back muscles become tight due to tension, they can cause neck pain and stiffness and upper back pain.

Trapezius muscle can also be injured or affected by a sudden abrupt displacement of the head/neck, poor posture, as well as poor work-related ergonomics and habits. As the result of the injury the upper trapezius can become inflamed, irritable, sore, tight, tender to the touch or cause spasms.

Because of its location and role in moving the neck and shoulders, the trapezius muscle is prone to inflammation caused by overuse and injury from repetitive stress. Weightlifting or carrying heavy purses over the shoulder can also cause strain or tearing of the trapezius. Symptoms include muscle stiffness, chronic pain and an inability to laterally rotate the neck and shoulders.

Treating inflamed or torn trapezius muscle with Percussive Massager
While the best approach to treating trapezius muscle pain is to exercise and focus on strengthening the muscles of the neck and upper back to improve your posture (trapezius muscle pain can be reduced through rowing machines and upper body exercises), if you’re experiencing acute trapezius muscle soreness and pain, percussive massage therapy can help.

Percussive massage therapy is a breakthrough treatment for soft tissue pain and injury. Percussive massage accelerates the growth and repair of tissues by providing concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. This heavily increases blood flow to the area causing pain relief and increased range of motion and function. Percussive massagers, including the MyoBuddy PRO Massager also provide a gentle stretch to the muscles and connective tissues improving flexibility and boosting performance.

Using the MyoBuddy PRO® Percussive Massager for self-care (or with the help of a friend or family member) can help ease trapezius muscle pain (sore traps) and stiffness between the shoulder blades, upper back, and neck.

MyoBuddy PRO Massager

MyoBuddy Fitness Educator Mary Biancalana, MS. Edu CMTPT, LMT, Certified Personal Trainer demonstrates how to use the MyoBuddy PRO® Percussive Massager to treat sore Trapezius Muscles in the video below.


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