Choosing Massage Tips

Tips on Choosing the Perfect First Massage

By Guest Health Blogger Tina B. Connors

Planning to get a professional massage for the first time in your life? If yes, then one of the most pressing questions on your mind right now would be, “what type of massage should I go for?” When you are looking for a massage therapy, you find a glassful of options to choose from.

Every single massage varies in pressure, technique, and focus area and even in its ultimate benefits. Considering your particular therapeutic needs can help achieve the best result from a massage session. Read on to know more about things you should consider before visiting a massage parlor for the very first time.

Choosing Massage Tips

Know what you are looking for from a massage

Massage is definitely one of those spa activities, which we indulge in to pamper ourselves. But apart from providing deep relaxation, it also comes with endless health benefits. It is known to treat our bodies holistically by acting on specific pressure points and stimulating blood circulation. You need to ask yourself, therapeutic or relaxing? Evaluate whether you are feeling achy, sore or just stressed out and then go for a massage accordingly. Swedish massage or hot stone massage is great for relaxation and stress relief, whereas deep tissue massage or trigger point massage is especially beneficial if you are suffering from pain or some specific condition.

Do your homework and know all about the massage menu

There are a plethora of options when it comes to the types of massages available. If you have an idea about what purpose a specific massage serves and what techniques are involved in the particular therapy, the odds of selecting the perfect fit for you will be in your favor. After you have decided between a therapeutic or relaxing massage, you can do some research about the various types of massage practices so that you can easily determine the best technique to achieve your goals. Below is a short overview of some basic massage therapies you might come across at a massage parlor:

  • Swedish massage:

This is the most common massage therapy and an amazing option for any first timer who is just looking to loosen up, relieve stress and release tension.

  • Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage is meant for those suffering from chronic muscle pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders or unbearable back ache. Since this massage therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles, it is immensely effective in pain relief.

  • Acupressure:

Acupressure is considered effective in managing nausea, headaches, stomach aches etc. This classic treatment is intended to release any blockage and enable natural healing.

  • Thai Massage:

Thai massage is one of the most invigorating therapies, which results in overall energy boost and rejuvenation. This massage therapy is particularly great for increasing overall health and well-being.

Don’t be shy, consult your therapist

Even after evaluating your requirements and learning about the different types of massage, it will be great if you could have a quick chat with your therapist. You can explain your requirement and purpose of having a massage so that he could suggest the best therapy. You can ask questions to get rid of any apprehensions you have and also learn more about the techniques involved in a particular practice. A professional therapist can easily tailor your treatment to make sure you achieve the desired outcomes.

Final word: No matter how much you think or which massage therapy you choose, the only real way to know the perfect therapy for your needs is by giving it a try. A good therapy will yield results instantly and you can know if you made the right choice.

About the Author
Tina B. Connors is a skilled professional health blogger and loves to explore everything related to health and fitness. We all love to pamper ourselves with a day at the spa, but seldom realize the deeper health benefits, which come with a massage therapy. She suggests everyone to experience the amazing benefits of massage therapy by booking an appointment with a massage therapist today.

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