3 Tips on Getting Over the Learning Curve on Using a Massager

A new massager can be intimidating, and this is especially true of a percussive massager that may present a new kind of massage that you’re not very familiar with. One of our main goals with the development of the MyoBuddy Pro was to make it as approachable as possible. We do this by having an easy-to-use product that’s durable and intuitive, and by also providing plenty of customer support. Here are three tips for getting over the learning curve of using your percussive massager.

  1. Read the manual. Yes, it’s technically a simple product that vibrates. Still, you should read the product manual to understand all of the features. Often, there may be features built into the product that you’ll never know about unless you read up on them.
  2. Use the resources that are available to you. With the MyoBuddy massager, you get our in-depth website that breaks down how you can use our massager on every single muscle group of your body.
  3. Use a log to monitor how you feel after a massage. The only way to truly figure out what works best for you is to figure out how percussive massage affects you, personally. Note how you feel right after and the day after your massage. Soon, you’ll start to notice patterns in what works and what doesn’t.

At MyoBuddy, we are interested in helping our customers get as much as possible out of our percussive massagers. If you have a question about how to use the MyoBuddy, or a suggestion on how we can help our users as a whole, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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