Myobuddy Massager Pro 2

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New Myobuddy® Massager Pro 2 is an upgraded version of the massager that made us famous. It features frictional heat + vibration + percussion, providing a professional grade deep tissue massage that helps relieve aches, myofascial pain and stiffness. It’s designed with 3 different levels of massage intensity. Whether you want a mild or medium or intense massage it will adjust to your body’s changing needs. It feels amazing. Perfect for everyday use!

Myobuddy Pro 2 is available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. Service to other European countries coming in the future. There are compatible Pro 2 versions for outlets in Europe and Australia. Click here for the International Pro 2 version and Select your outlet type by Country.

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  • 3 adjustable levels of strength
  • 6″ wide massage surface area
  • Professional strength
  • Soft massage pad is safe on bones
  • New lightweight slender design
  • Reinforced and ergonomically designed handle
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Includes 1 white and 1 blue lotion bonnet

5 reviews for Myobuddy Massager Pro 2

  1. Jaime Block (verified owner)

    Love this massager! My whole family loves how it takes away their aches and pain! Customer service has been great!

  2. Tom Fitzsimons

    My daughter purchased the myobuddy for me and I was amazed at how good it was. I used it all over my body and it loosened my muscles and made me feel so much better. The gentleman I spoke with was friendly, efficient and very helpful. My friend has purchased one when she heard how good it was and tried mine to see how it worked. She too was thrilled how good a product it was. I would recommend to his product ++++++

  3. Knj (verified owner)

    Customer Service after care, Excellent. The MyObuddy, Love it! Use as directed and you might see more results than what you expect. Massage is a wonderful healing experience.

  4. Glenn Crosthwait (verified owner)

    The MyoBuddy Pro2 is amazing! And the customer service is too. I had an issue and they quickly resolved it. This company can be trusted.

  5. Joe Cinquina, LMT (verified owner)

    This massager is definitely a 5-star product. When I needed the service department, they were right there and they followed up with me the way I wish every company would. My only suggestion (not a complaint) is to replace the switch with one that is easier to use when going between settings. I highl;y recommend both the product and the company.

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