USER Stories: Keeping the Machine Healthy with fitness instructor, Robert Ferguson


Here is a new way to keep “The Machine,” you, the fitness instructor/personal trainer, energized to keep motivating others!

As personal trainers, our job is helping people achieve their fitness goals. We do this because we believe that being active and eating healthy are the keys to longevity and living a fuller life. We run people through physically demanding work outs, give nutritional tips, and stress the importance of stretching daily and frequent massages. But how often are we practicing what we preach?

Most trainers will book up as many hourly sessions, one after the other, to minimize their down time. That can become quite demanding day in and day out. Not to mention getting our own workouts in to keep up our strength and to look the part!  In much of our free time we are working on clients’ programs or doing follow up calls to increase business. But if we don’t make time for ourselves it will show in our energy levels and creativity in our programs.

Typically, I will stretch at least once a day after teaching a class a day in addition to my personal training clients and sports conditioning clients. I also try to schedule a massage every couple months, but it is often difficult to find the time. But, have I found the key to re-energizing daily!

It is called the ‘MyoBuddy Pro Massager’. This massager uses percussive thumping motion like a massage therapist, along with a circular vibratory action. The result is an increase in circulation to the fatigued tissue to speed up recovery. The massaged area feels refreshed in a matter of minutes and you feel re-energized.

The machine has variable speeds and is lightweight, making it perfect for self-care. We are the machines that motivate others.  We have to keep them running well to motivate others!

I highly recommend the MyoBuddy Pro Massager to my fellow personal trainers and to anyone, and everyone who just wants to feel better!

Robert Ferguson is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Robert found he had a real passion for fitness when he enlisted in the service in 1988. While earning his degree in Exercise Physiology at Southern Illinois University, he competed in power lifting and body building. He placed in many power lifting competitions and won the Mr. SIU Body Building Completion in 1991. He later pursued his dreams of working in the fitness field and received his personal training certification in 2000 with the National Strength and Conditioning Certification. He has been working for the last 14 years at an orthopedic facility in Crystal Lake, Illinois and continues to work with kids as young as 9, to the young-at-heart in their 90’s.

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