MyoBuddy PRO Massager huge hit in Hollywood!

Actress Kirby Blanton.

The MyoBuddy team recently traveled to Hollywood, California for a special celebrity gifting party to celebrate the awards season.

The MyoBuddy PRO Massager was a huge hit in Hollywood and when asked for a quick quote about their MyoBuddy experience, here’s what celebs had to say:

“Phenomenal… it felt fantastic!” – Actor & Producer Sean Patrick Murphy

“HEAVEN!!” – Actress Carolyn Hennesy

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“Auughh! Amazing! Sooo relaxing!! – Actress Katherine Tokarz

“It’s like a massage no man can give you, but it doesn’t talk back!” – Actress Kirby Blanton

Actor Mandell Frazier

“It feels like the inner courts of heaven!” – Actor Mandell Frazier

“Incredible” – Actress Tara Perry

“Love it!” – American Idol finalist Elliot Yamin

The good news is that although the awards are over, the glitz and glamour doesn’t have to be!

Those at home can experience the healing power of percussive massage by ordering the MyoBuddy PRO Massager during MyoBuddy’s special “Hollywood Swag” sale running through midnight October 20th.


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