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How massage tools can help the care giving industry

Ever taken time to think about the elderly, the sick, and others who need our daily help? Well, let’s take time and think about their lives. We all know they need our help but unfortunately, most of us never even think about their health problems, let alone the emotional and financial support they need.

However, our caregivers carry the entire burden for us. The caregiving industry has grown tremendously. In America alone, seniors account for over 13 percent of the entire population. We cannot for sure ascertain the actual size of the caregiving industry given that non-medical companies and private caregivers continue to join the scene.

I can’t express enough appreciation for our caregivers. They endure a lot of pain and suffering because of what they go through. Believe me , if you were to take up their stressful task even for a single day, you would never forget the experience of burning out. Surprisingly, caregivers put up with the uncertainty and fragile nature of our elders even when they are at the edge of survival.

In order to maintain good caregiving routines and reduce the level of stress, the caregiving industry has used various strategies to maintain their own health. These include:

  • Using holistic Yoga exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • Caregiver support curricula
  • High-level, evidence-based programs
  • Other support programs

However, more needs to be done  to change the game in the caregiving industry. Today, I want to spill the beans and let out a secret to the entire industry. This is not something extraordinary, actually, it is something they are familiar with, though I’m pretty sure this will catch you by surprise. I am simply referring to the difference massage tools can bring to the caregiving industry. The industry has taken the best shots in ensuring they are up to the mark. However, they do not fully utilize massage tools in their services.

Ready to Learn More?

Perhaps you could be wondering what difference will the massage tools brings. Let’s first make some basics clear about caregivers that you may not be aware of. The tasks of a caregiver builds up a daunting list that will  overwhelm even the strongest individuals in the society today. Caregivers are victims of:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Depletion of physical, spiritual and emotional energy
  • Serious health problems caused by lack of proper rest
  • Poor eating habits
  • Lack of exercise

One major technique that the entire caregiving industry utilizes while taking care of the elderly and those who need help is massage therapy. Studies have shown positive results in major caregiving institutions. Those involved in the study recorded reduced levels of stress, anxiety and recorded an overall improvement in their health.

Why do caregivers go through a difficult time while offering their services to the elderly, sick and others? One of the major reasons as to why caregivers suffer from the above-mentioned problems is because they lack proper tools. For instance, they lack therapeutic massage tools. Lack of these tools exposes caregivers to a higher risk of suffering from fatigue and injury. Tools not only prevent injuries but also enhance therapeutic effects.

Benefits of Massage Tools in the Caregiving Industry

Here is why the caregiving industry should make use of massage tools in offering their services:

  • Tools enable caregivers to deliver deep and powerful massages in different styles and in a more appropriate way, especially to the elderly
  • It possible for caregivers to apply deep and consistent pressure when massaging the body without necessarily straining the wrists and the fingertips.
  • Therapy done with proper massage tools creates a calm relaxing environment. Generally, stress, anxiety and discomfort are greatly used.
  • Modern massage tools improves range of motion among caregivers, an essential factor when handling seniors
  • Tools gives both clients and the massage therapist a natural feel and reduces the risk of injury and fatigue
  • Massage tools gives the caregiving industry a professional impression. This is a great deal given that it can build the clientele base.
  • It is through the use of proper massage tools through which certain therapeutic needs can be met. Special therapeutic treatments such as heat/cold massage can only be achieved through special tools.
  • Caregiver personnel can achieve greater self-efficacy when given the right tools. They will have the confidence needed to achieve self-identified goals.

In a nutshell, with the right massage tools in place, nothing will prevent massage specialists, clinical practitioners, fitness professionals and everybody else in the caregiving industry from accomplishing their dreams.

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