Self-Myofascial Release Tips for Easing Muscle Pain and Tightness.

Do you suffer from myofascial muscle pain, soreness or muscle tightness? Self-myofascial release can help!

“Whether you’re an athlete pushing your limits or a desk jockey, give it some time and a musculoskeletal injury will occur sooner or later. It can come from developing a faulty movement pattern when you walk, run, do housework or exercise, or just sit at your desk to work. If one part of your body is not performing optimally, it will cause another part of the body to compensate, and over time, this can cause a muscular imbalance. Imbalances can come from overusing one side of the body more than the other, from poor posture or, from an accident or old injury. Eventually this can lead to injury because one area of the body will be getting stronger or tighter while another gets weaker,” says Jill Brown, Huffington Post.

If you’re experiencing a musculoskeletal injury or are tight or sore, we’ve got you covered! Click below for tips from top Huffington Post Fitness Blogger Jill Brown on how to take matters into your own hands with Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) tools, including the MyoBuddy Pro® Percussive Massager.

Self-MyoFascial Release Tool

“While there are plenty of mechanical massage devices out there which can be purchased at various retail stores from Walgreen’s to Brookstone, the MyoBuddy takes it to a whole new level. When I came across them at a fitness convention this past summer, there was a line of people waiting to get MR’d. When it was my turn, I understood why.” – Jill Brown, Huffington Post

Click here for full article on treating sore muscles and injuries with SMR.

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