Why Massage Can Make a Great Second Career After Retirement

If you’re recently retired or are planning to soon, you might be considering another job. Massage is one of the best careers after retirement. It offers several benefits and can give you the relaxing, meaningful money-maker you need in your sunset years. 

Benefit From the Booming Alternative Health Industry

People are searching for alternative, holistic methods to relieve common ailments. Massage is one of the most popular options. Alternative treatments can be used alongside or replace traditional methods and medications. For instance, massage can relieve sore muscles after a workout or strain by releasing tension and reducing inflammation and stress. 

The alternative health industry is booming and looks to continue. Massage services in the United States are expected to reach $21.6 billion in revenue in 2024, thanks to heightened customer awareness of its benefits. 

Meet New People and Help Them Feel Better

Massage could be an excellent career after retirement if you’re a people person. You get to meet new clients every day and chat with them during the treatment. This gives you the chance to make a positive impact on their lives. 

You’ll also help others feel better. Massage therapy reduces stress and anxiety, making people feel uplifted and at ease. 

Stay Active on the Job

Massage therapists spend a lot of time on their feet, walking, moving around to get supplies and, of course, giving massages. Regular movement can help boost circulation, and new massage technology enhances professional performance by putting less strain on your hands. You can reap the benefits of staying active while at work. 

Studies show that older adults feel more satisfied in life when engaging in regular relative-intensity activities. Giving and receiving massages can also help you gain flexibility, which maintains balance and prevents falls. 

Since giving regular massages utilize sustained endurance and stamina, they can be considered a form of low- to medium-intensity aerobic exercise. This offers many benefits, including better sleep and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. 

Travel the World

Many people choose to travel once they retire, and why not? You’ve worked hard all your life and deserve to enjoy your sunset years. The beauty of massage is that you can do it on a beach in Italy or in a hotel room in Las Vegas. You get to work your own hours doing something you enjoy and earn a little extra money to use toward your travel goals. 

Ensure you have the required licenses to work as a massage therapist in the countries you visit. If you do, you can also look into full-time options like practicing at a resort or wellness establishment.

Study Something You’re Passionate About

Life gets busy and time flies, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to live your dreams. If you’ve always wanted to work in the wellness industry or be a massage therapist, it’s not too late. 

During retirement, you’ll have the time to fill your leisure time with various activities and study anything you want, such as photography or genealogy. You can turn your hobby into your career so it doesn’t feel like work. Many establishments are open to enrolling retirees and may even offer scholarships for certain courses. 

You could seek massage therapy certifications and learn more about this incredible field. Pursuing a qualification will also raise your chances of getting a higher-paying job and help you provide a better service to clients. 

Enjoy the Relaxing Work Environment

Does beautiful decor, aromatherapy and gentle music playing in the background sound good to you? Then this might be the right retirement career for you. It offers a calming environment to work in that’s just as good for you as for your customers.

Massage is all about providing the client with a relaxing and soothing experience. There’s no hustle and bustle, just a calming and positive environment. Massage therapy is one of the best careers after retirement because it typically offers flexibility. You can have a rest day or a break to spend time with family.

Earn Competitive Wages

The average salary for massage therapists was $49,860 in 2022, with metropolitan areas paying the highest. You can also negotiate your wages and terms depending on your qualifications and the company you work for. 

You’ll be able to take home a nice check even if you’re working for yourself, as long as your overhead costs are low. It’s also typically much better hourly pay than other common retirement careers. 

Start Your Massage Retirement Career With the Right Tools

Becoming a massage therapist during retirement is an excellent way to make a difference in people’s lives while earning an income. 

The Myobuddy massager can help you give professional massages without putting too much physical strain on your joints. It provides clients with a blend of soothing heat, powerful vibrations and percussion that promote healing and relaxation. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll walk you through them.

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