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Lower back pains can significantly withhold you to minimum normal daily activities and for some, even prevent them from undertaking their normal exercise routines. Nonetheless, even though backrest is important, to prevent further loss of strength and stiffness it is important you do any type of activity. Some form of light cardio together with some In-door (home) stretching exercises can help stretch out tight back muscles which aids in relieving the pain. Nonetheless, prior to engaging in any exercises for your back, it is important to first consult with your physician.

Increased Heart-rate:

Increasing Heart RateCardio exercises increase the amount of blood flow to the lower back which ensures that there is a good supply of both fresh oxygen and nutrients which subsequently helps in the process of healing and minimizing the back pain. Cardio exercises accelerate metabolism rate in the body and burn calories which results in body weight loss. Begin with light exercises which will not aggravate the back pain such as short walks around at very moderate paces or swimming.

Walking: Generally, walking as a form of exercise is gentle and healthy for the back and for patients taking small walks of about two to three walks weekly is very important. Aside from a good pair of walking shoes, walking is one good form of exercise that does not require any type of equipment and it can be carried out in almost any place both indoors and outside.

Cycling: It is also a good form of cardio exercise for the back and a way to pump-up your heart rate. Moreover, it is a non-impact exercise which means that it reduces forces transmitted to the spine in cases of vigorous exercises like running which have significant impact. Cycling is a diverse form of exercise since it even accommodates individuals that may feel more comfortable seated as opposed to standing. For such cases, you can use stationery biking.

To increase burn of calories for weight loss, ensure that you do a cardio session at least five times weekly for a period of about 30 to 45 minute which will increase caloric burn which enhances weight loss. Moreover, to pump up your heart, you can do some low impact aerobics in your home such as side-steps and marching.

Plank Exercises:

Plank Exercises for Easing Back PainCore strengthening exercises are not only effective in toning your belly muscles, but can also aid in easing back pain; all which is at the comfort of your floor. With strong abs, the back is well supported during any activities that entail bending or lifting and simple processes such as jogging and walking. When you perform plank exercises, they will strengthen your abs, chest, shoulders and if you add some arm lifting movements or even hold it long enough, it will make you sweat.

Begin by comfortably lying on your tummy on a floor. Push yourself up in such a way that you will be resting on your toes and forearms; with your elbows well underneath your shoulders. Tighten up your belly and ensure your body is maintained in a straight posture from your head down to your toe. You can begin with 20 to 30 seconds holds in this posture and later progress to one-minute holds. Repeat this three times. To make your plank exercise dynamic and as a way of increasing your heart rate, you can add-in some few movements like a push-up plank where you begin in a forearm plank position, followed by you pushing yourself up into a complete push-up position and then lowering into a forearm plank. Repeat this 10 to 12 times or to your fatigue.


Cardio Yoga Eases Back PainYoga is an indoor exercise that can not only lessen back pain but is also a good weight loss exercise. Yoga has been accredited as one of the cardio- exercises that help in easing back pain. For weight loss, the yoga poses you do, need to be those that not only stretch but also strengthen the body. Moreover, include a flow which pumps up your heart-rate. According to Health Fitness experts, a gentle Yoga exercise can burn approximately between 102 to 245 calories hourly.

Caloric burn will increase with the intensity of your yoga session. To burn calories for weight loss, you can incorporate and add in between static poses some slight heart-pumping vinyasa flows. However, ensure you do this with a slow pace and keep watch of how your back reacts to the exercises. To stretch out your back, you can apply the downward dog and reclined spinal twist; while if you want to strengthen your extensor muscles, you can use the upward facing dog and cobra act.

Even with the several number of cardio-exercises for back pain and weight loss available and which you can use, back pain is highly reliant to your specific injury. A muscle strain can generally be eased quicker than if it is something like a herniated disc. Avoid undertaking any exercise that causes pain to your back or even aggravates it. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consult your physician prior to starting these exercises since he/she can instruct you on which exercises are good for you and the intensity and frequency by which you can do them.

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