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5 Major Dangers Of Physical Inactivity

Being active, full of zip and agile is significant for the well being of everyone. You can’t expect to boast about your energy if you follow a sedentary lifestyle and stick around places to sit all day. Thus, physical inactivity and not being nimble can lead to some very harmful consequences that no one wishes to go through. There are many dangers that are associated with not being physically active, and here are some immediate problems that may stem out of lethargy:

Extreme Obesity

One of the instant dangers that are associated with physical inability is extreme obesity, and by extreme we mean  borderline dangerous. This disease can easily shorten anyone’s lifespan and leads to the abnormal functioning of the body. The high-fat accumulation in itself is an indicator that you won’t be able to walk or run for longer intervals. Thus, it is necessary to carry such a lifestyle from the start that won’t let you get obese. And if you manage to put on a lot of kilos, now is the time to mend your ways and start living a vigorous and well-functioning life. Weighted Vest workouts are one of the best remedy to this situation.


Most people deny the fact that hypertension could be caused by their inactivity and self-imposed physical inactivity. High blood pressure is what causes hypertension and those who have it can become a victim of kidney diseases, heart diseases and can even develop strokes. In recent times, various studies have shown a relationship between physical inactivity and hypertension, leading to fatal complications throughout the body.

High Risk of Heart Disease

As mentioned above, high cholesterol levels that are a major biproduct of inactivity are another important factor that can bring about heart disease. Exercise and extreme cardio can help ward off this risk, but if you laze around all day, you yourself would be responsible for what lies ahead. The severity of this situation can be gauged from the fact that nearly 35 percent of deaths in U.S. are linked to coronary heart diseases, which are in large part caused by to the lack of consistent physical activities.

Major Threat of Diabetes

Physical inactivity, obesity, high cholesterol and an unhealthy diet are all the major contributors to the onset of diabetes. These may cause up to a 10 percent increase in cases of diabetes. Adult-onset diabetes—otherwise called physical diabetes—leads to the lack of insulin production in the human body. This may result in kidney issues, eye problems, heart diseases and even nerve damage. All you need to do is get rid of your inactive lifestyle and stay agile to minimize the chances of diabetic diseases.

Depression and Anxiety

Most  people fail to link the obvious problems of anxiety and depression to physical inactivity. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made it clear that those people who tend to stay stationary for most of the day and don’t have a habit of regular physical inactivity are more vulnerable to anxiety and psychological depression. Inactivity can have an extreme adverse effect on your mental health.


Guest Author bio:

Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts and cardio exercises and loves spending her vacations with her kids in National Parks and around nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating and regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit.

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