MyoBuddy Massage Points Infographic for Easing Neck Pain and Lower Back Pain

Percussive massaging pressure points on the human body can be both pleasurable and therapeutic. It can help relieve pain, improve mobility and recovery, reduce stress, and can even help improve circulation and flow of energy.

Have you ever wondered what are the best massage points to ease back pain and neck pain? Check out MyoBuddy Massagers’ Infographic below for tips on the best MyoBuddy Massage Points.

























Providing wellness in seconds, the MyoBuddy PRO Massager® offers a full-body massage and features all types of massages including relaxation, trigger point, deep tissue, recovery, sports, circulatory, friction, percussion, mobility, lotion, essential oils, pre/post exercise, and dry brushing. For more tips on using your MyoBuddy Percussive Massager, such as when to use the flat edge, side edge, or speeds, click here.

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