Percussive Massage for Muscle Aches and Pains: Why It’s So Effective

The percussive massage technique has been sweeping the massage world by storm. Why is it so effective?

Picture a traditional massage, where the masseuse is using his or her hands to exert force on the muscles of the client’s body. Now, imagine translating these movements into a mechanical device and speeding them up dramatically. The average percussive massager vibrates at a rate of several thousand RPMs per minute. The amount of power available in these devices works especially well for deep tissue stimulation, and is great for pain relief, muscle recovery, and improving circulation.

Percussive massagers are so effective because they have more power and speed that can be applied manually, but the technology has come far enough that these devices are now also small enough that the force can be applied very precisely to particular muscle groups. Being able to isolate these muscles means those employing percussive massage can be very precise in the muscles they are targeting. For example, check out how you can use our massager, the Myobuddy Pro 2, on many different muscles in the body.

This type of massage is particularly good at helping with aches and pains. By vibrating and tapping rapidly on the soft tissue of the body, percussive massagers create a warming sensation that immediately proves some pain relief. But there’s something deeper happening too — the massager increases blood flow to the area. The human body has amazing powers of healing, and these usually happen through red and white blood cells that are brought by increased blood flow. That’s why injured parts of the body initially swell. By encouraging better blood flow to that part of the body, you’re further speeding up the healing process.

Percussive massagers can also help with muscle stiffness. Stiffness most frequently occurs when a muscle is getting inadequate blood flow, and so that increased blood flow created by a percussive massager naturally helps to alleviate that problem.

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