FAQ: The most common questions we hear regarding the MyoBuddy Pro Massager, answered.

Have any studies been conducted on percussive massagers?
Recent studies have shown that percussive massage can cause muscle tissue to contract more than 30 times more powerful than normal voluntary contractions. Interestingly, like yoga and exercise, this action results in muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery. This magical combination of results results in relieving muscular tightness and reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints. A percussive massage has proven to deliver more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle and fascial tissues. The results are reduced stress and soreness, and improved muscle function. Used in the rehabilitation process, the percussive massager expedites the healing and recovery of non-use atrophic muscles that have been injured due to trauma, surgery or disease. This result makes it the perfect tool for people with paralysis.

Are percussive massagers safe?
Yes, but it IS a wellness power tool and the user MUST focus and pay attention while treating themselves and others. If it is a medical concern, please consult your physician before use.

Who should use MyoBuddy Massagers?
People with sore muscles: athletes, hard workers, sitters, standers and those recovering from accidents and surgeries. People who love massages. People with stress. And people living well!

Can I massage myself?
Yes, our ergonomic grip is intentionally designed to be user friendly, allowing the user to self-treat every area, even the mid-back.

What are the benefits of daily MyoBuddy care?
Massaging your body every day helps with muscle soreness, mood, detoxification, muscle power, organ tissue health, and stress relief. The more you use the massager, your treatments become intuitive and your body tells you how to use the machine to improve all of these aspects of your life. Live Well!

Is it safe to use MyoBuddy on all areas of my body?
Most bodily areas respond very positively to the MyoBuddy Pro Massager. Be very careful, lightly treating the back and sides of the neck. Do not treat the front of the neck/throat. Do not use on veriscosities, tissue inflammation or healing injuries such as stitches and healing bones. Stay away from tumors, undiagnosed lumps and cysts. Do not use the MyoBuddy on your face or head! If you are uncertain about anything, consult your physician prior to use.

Is it safe to use MyoBuddy if I’m pregnant?
Pregnant women should first consult a physician before using the percussive massager. Always avoid the abdomen. And congratulations!

Is it safe to use MyoBuddy if I’m taking blood thinner medications?
No. If you take drugs like Coumadin (warfarin), Heparin (highly sulfated glycosaminoglycan), Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium), Normiflo (ardeparin sodium), or Orgaran (danaparoid sodium), you should not use the percussive massager. If you take aspirin regularly, you should try massaging a small area to see if you experience bruising. If not, you may massage with caution.

Is it safe to use MyoBuddy on bare skin?
Yes, the microfiber plush bonnets are designed to be soft, luxurious, and very comfortable on bare skin.

Is it safe to use MyoBuddy on clothing and fabric?
Yes, the microfiber plush bonnets have some slip, allowing them to glide over most cloth without harm or bunching. Just be sure to keep the spinning disk away from loose, stringy cloth and jewelry.

How long should I massage a specific area on my body?
For general massage purposes, treat specific locations no longer than 30 seconds at a time. In fact, with the MyoBuddy Pro Massager, 30 seconds is longer than you need to improve circulation in an area. Move on to the next location, then return to the initial problem area.

How often should I massage?
We find that 10 minute massages, twice per day will help achieve optimal results. What’s nice about MyoBuddy is it is always on call and you do not have to make an appointment!

How Does MyoBuddy help with workout recovery?
Post workout massage will keep the fascia from bunching, and push lactic acid and waste, all while oxygenating muscle cells. Treat yourself for 2 minutes immediately after working out, then for 10 minutes later in the day for optimal results. Cut your recovery time in half! Due to the rapid muscular contraction during the percussive massage, daily care results in the lengthening and strengthening of muscle tissue. This means tissue relaxation and muscular strength are each increased simultaneously! And it feels amazing. What a perfect way to lengthen and strengthen and enhance your overall muscular health!

How does MyoBuddy help with mobility?
The percussive massage of the MyoBuddy Pro releases tension held in muscle attachments and tendons, resulting in greater range of motion. The myofascial sheaths of connective tissue which encapsulate the muscles and organs will stay limber with daily care. Scar tissue can be broken up with focused treatments. Myofascial Trigger Points are extinguished, allowing the muscle tissue to breath due to increases circulation to the area.

When should I use the edge aspect of the massager?
Use the edge for a harder, deeper massage, focusing the percussive action on your trigger points, scar tissue and hypertonicities.

When should I use the flat aspect of the massager?
Use the flat aspect for warming your tissue, and general all-over massaging. It feels amazing!

When should I use high speeds?
High speed is necessary for a smoother warming massage. Use high speed when you want a greater surface area to benefit.

When should I use low speeds?
Low speed is more percussive in general and delivers a deep percussive massage. This is great for easing into your massage. Increase the speed gradually.

When I use MyoBuddy, can I feel the vibration in the handle?
The MyoBuddy Pro Massager is an electric power tool for the body. People tend to grip the tool tighter than necessary, but we have created a grip which allows the user to hold it with the fingertips, gently leaning it in the direction of intended use. Lighten up on your grip, and you do not have to push for it to do the trick.

Can I use lotions and massage oils with MyoBuddy?
Absolutely! In fact, the MyoBuddy takes a little lotion or oil (1.5 tsp) and spreads it all over the body. Use nutritive oils such as organic coconut oil, cacao butter or jajoba oil. This is especially good after dry-brushing, as dry brushing is exfoliating.

Do MyoBuddy Massagers cause itching?
No worries! Itching is common with the sudden increase in circulation. When the muscle cells and blood vessels dilate, stimulation of the nervous system creates an itching affect.

Why does my skin turn red when I use my MyoBuddy Pro Massager?
After massaging an area, the user will often notice redness and light puffiness of the skin due to the dilation of blood vessels, muscle cells and fascia, but no worries, as these are all very good things. Consult your physician if you experience prolonged periods of pain or inflammation after using the MyoBuddy Pro Massager.

How do I clean my MyoBuddy?
The white dry-brushing bonnet will pick up clothes dyes and oils and exfoliated skin. The blue oil bonnet will become caked with oils if not properly cleansed. We do not recommend running through the washer/dryer. Simply soak the bonnets in hot water with 1 tbs of vinegar for 1 hour. Wash out with a drop of liquid soap, rinse thoroughly and wring it out.

How long do the bonnets last?
Approximately 500 uses or 6 months of regular use. MyoBuddy can provide as many as you may need to outfit your practice. Purchase your bonnets here.

Does MyoBuddy come with a warranty?
The MyoBuddy Pro Massager comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering mechanical failure. Find the warranty here in the documents section of the website.

How do MyoBuddy Massagers compare to other personal massagers on the market?
One of the biggest differences is the shape of our device. There are no hard nobs. The MyoBuddy Pro Massager has a vibrating, oscillating disk padded with three layers of foam and a plush microfiber bonnet. It delivers power through comfort. Our device has a twelve foot cord, ergonomic grip, multiple bonnets for various uses, multiple speeds, and it is more powerful than most consumer massagers. We have focused on all aspects, intentionally creating the best percussive massager on the market.

Do Chiropractors and Physical Therapists use MyoBuddy Massagers?
Yes, anybody practicing soft tissue manipulation (massage in its many forms) benefits greatly from the MyoBuddy Pro Massager. This includes chiropractors, massage therapists, myofascial therapists, physical therapists, and more.