Tips for becoming the morning person you’ve always wanted to be

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I’m always tired, but getting sleep is tough! In 2017, we want to lead healthier lives. We spend all this time stepping up our workouts, eating healthy foods, and putting in the extra hours to get ahead. But this can often leave us tired, worn out, and eventually we want to give up all together. This year we want to focus on getting the proper sleep we need to become morning people and accomplish our goals!

Walk before you run

Making a gradual change is one great way to stick to a normal sleep habit and be wide-eyed the next day. For some of us who like to stay up all night and hit that snooze button, try going to bed a little earlier each night and setting your alarm back 10-15 minutes each day until you reach your goal. Soon enough, you’ll be in bed at a decent hour and wake up earlier feeling replenished!

Make it easy for yourself

Morning person tips from LeesaBefore bed, try to prepare everything for the next day. I find that while I’m trying to relax, I make lists of things I need to do the next morning. Often I mentally sift through my closet to think about what outfit I should wear, but in the morning, I’m still running around looking for clothes and rummaging together a lunch. Prepping for the next day before bed is a great way to have your morning run smoothly!

Princess and the pea

Make sure you have a great mattress and comfy sheets. Many people who struggle to fall asleep and/or stay asleep tend to blame it on so many reasons, but most of the time they are sleeping on the wrong mattress. Whether it’s a new or old mattress, sometimes it’s just the wrong one. If you are looking for options, try out Leesa mattresses. They are a little firmer even though they’re memory foam mattresses.

Carrot rather than stick

One way that is most effective in becoming a morning person, is to have something positive to look forward to when you wake up. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee or even morning stretch time—either way, find something that will get you awake and excited for the day. Personally, I like to do some morning yoga to start my day and wake up early enough to sit and enjoy my coffee. I find a little “me time” to start the day is great motivation. 

What ways are you going to become a morning person this year?

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Leesa is an online mattress company that’s focused on spreading a good night’s rest. Go online, pick your mattress, and it’s shipped to you in a box. With U.S. made products, they promise free shipping, 100 night trials, and free returns, if need be. Check them out at

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