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Top 13 breakfast dishes savored around the world

The way people have breakfast has changed over the millennia. If we look around, we may find people who reach the kitchen in the morning with blurry eyes and end up simply pouring cereal into a bowl. They don’t have the time or the energy to think and cook something more complicated. Most people are in such a hurry that they walk into the office with nothing more than a latte and a granola bar in hand.

But there was a time when people use to concoct some amazing items for breakfast. Some of them are even still famous and loved across the nations.

So let’s take a look at what people around the world love to have on their breakfast table for their first meal of the day. After all, it is the most important meal and can set the tone for the entire day that follows!

China – If we look at the traditional dishes, it can vary from place to place. But something that everyone loves to have here is a warm glass of soy milk with you tiao -fried dough sticks. Hot soups like congee and dim sum are also quite popular among the people.

Australia – One of the main ingredients of Australian breakfast is, of course, vegemite, which Aussies are known to consume daily. They love to have English dishes in their meals (all thanks to Englishmen who arrived on the continent long ago) like beef sausages, toast, fried eggs, baked beans, grilled bacon and more.

Brazil – Brazilian breakfasts are mostly light and quick to prepare. One of the main ingredients of their breakfast is bread and they love a particular variety of the French roll called Pấo francês in Portuguese. Fruits, muesli, coffee and cakes also have an important place in their first meal of the day. Fruit juices, and especially orange juice, is included in the Brazilian diet for its nutritional benefits.

Colombia – A sweet corn cake known as arepa served with meat, eggs or jam is one of the main constituents of Colombian breakfast. A rich beef soup named Caldo de Costilla, and a green bananas mashed dish named Cayeye are the few other dishes with high popularity.

Cuba – The Cuban breakfast table will feature a cup of cafe con leche (coffee with milk), grilled and buttered bread slices called tostada and a bowl of fresh fruits. Some Cuban restaurants also serve bacon, eggs and potatoes along with these breakfast staples.

England – The English breakfast has balanced forms of all nutrients, including poached or scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes, alongside coffee or tea.

France – French citizens prefer a light breakfast, followed later by an elaborate lunch. Their breakfast consists of coffee, a pastry (such as a croissant) or a cereal with milk or even a slice of bread with jam. Some even prefer to have Nutella spread on the toast instead of jam.

Germany – A traditional German breakfast consists of bread or bread rolls, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, sausage, cheese, muesli, boiled eggs and fruit juice. Today people are more inclined to have a bowl of cereal during the weekdays and have the traditional breakfast fare with family during the weekends.

India – Indian households have different breakfast dishes based on the regions. They all have bread in different forms such as rotis, dosas, paranthas or idlis, along with a number of dips or chutneys alongside a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Italy – Here the breakfast often consists of a cup of caffe latte, bread or bread rolls, jam and butter.

Mexico – The traditional Mexican breakfast consist of huevos rancheros along with churros and ceviche. Huevos rancheros consists of rice, tortillas, eggs and beans all in a spicy red sauce. Churros are Mexican fritters which are often paired with hot chocolate.

South Africa – Here the main dish in the breakfast is putupap – a porridge made with cornmeal, along with some kind of bread like rusk or corn bread.

US – The breakfast menu changes widely in the U.S., depending on the region. But across all U.S. breakfast tables, you’re likely to find eggs, sausage or bacon and potatoes.

Every place has its own traditions, and the especially applies to the food. Breakfast is one of the important meals of the day. If you happen to travel to different places, make sure to relish on the popular dishes served at the places!

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Kevin Jones is a fitness and healthy diet addict who is a nutritionist at TheDietSuggestions. He likes Nutrisystem diet plans because it delivers portion-control food to your home with a percentage off Nutrisystem coupon codes and deals. In its 150+ menu choices, nuts and fish have a prominent place.

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