Wellness and Self Care During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year when you get to celebrate with friends and family. But depending on your circumstances, the holidays can also be a stressful time. Use these three strategies to take care better of yourself this holiday season:

  1. Keep to your routine. With holiday travel, days off work, and huge table spreads, it can be easy to be completely thrown from your usual routine, and many people don’t do well with that. This year, retain some sanity by getting plenty of sleep and continuing your exercise regimen through the holiday season. You’ll feel better and have more energy to celebrate!
  2. Keep things in perspective. When seeing family members you rarely see outside the holiday dason, it may happen that not everyone is 100% compatible. Try to remember that everyone is there to have fun, and that you have very limited time to spend with these people. Leave arguments aside, and you’ll be much happier once you have the benefit of hindsight.
  3. Focus on what matters. It’s so easy these days for the holidays to turn onto a consumerist spend-fest. Stay above the fray by focusing on thoughtful gifts, rather than showy ones. After all, the holidays are about people, not things.

(P.S. If you own a Myobuddy massager, you may just be the hit of the family party if you bring it with and set up a quick massage station!)

Happy holidays from MyoBuddy, everyone!

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