Yoga Benefits

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Guest Blog Post By Alma Causey

In the digital age, there is very little time left for the relaxation of one’s self and one’s mind. A typical day consists of buzzing smartphones, attending meetings, rushing to and from work, breakfast on the go and of course, the constant exposure to screens – be it laptops, tablet or smartphones. This busy lifestyle which we have seemingly adopted may leave us feeling out of energy and unhappy with life. Lethargy and laziness takes upon us and all we want to do is take a break. For conditions like these, yoga is the best remedy.

Yoga Benefits

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of knowledge about body, mind and soul which originated in India around 5,000 years ago. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body, mind and soul through different breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation.

Today, yoga is gaining immense popularity because of its beneficial effects on the people belonging to all age groups.

What does yoga do?

Relaxes the mind

What do you do when your laptop overheats and does not perform properly? You shut it off for the system to cool down. After the break, the laptop resumes to working properly.

The same applies to our body. We get tired. The mental and physical stress of daily life tires us out. Our system stops functioning properly and we need a break from our routine to relax our body and mind.

Yoga believes in curing the mind, the body and the soul simultaneously. When a person is practicing yoga, even simple techniques involving breathing in and out are also highly beneficial. Through the basic breathing technique, a person is able to get rid of the negative energies residing inside the body and take in the positive energies from the world outside. Breathing helps in taking in the fresh flow of oxygen which is beneficial for good blood circulation, alerts the mind and enhances the overall body function.

Meditation and breathing also help in relaxing the mind. It helps us in taking complete control over our body. It also helps us realize the ways we can get rid of the negative thoughts and let go of mental burdens.

Each deep breath brings positive energy with it and enables us to think optimistically. With few deep breaths, we are able to concentrate completely and listen to our body. This is a vital step in charging our bodies and preparing them to face whatever life throws at us.

This is just like de-cluttering the laptop of programs which are a threat to the system or act as an added burden, slowing it down. The laptop then continues to work properly after the de-cluttering.

Yoga not only relaxes the mind, it also relaxes our body. There are poses that help in relaxing the stressed out body parts. When the relaxation response kicks in our body experiences;

  • Decreased heart rate
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Slower and deeper breathing
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Body begins to heal

Charging the body

After the relaxation response kicks in, the body gets all setup for strengthening and getting charged. Just like a laptop that undergoes periodic de-cluttering and checking to ensure proper functioning.

Yoga helps in awakening the mind. It improves the ability to concentrate and take better decisions pertaining to our daily life problems. Since yoga techniques improve blood circulation through a fresh flow of oxygen; it helps in better functioning of the heart and the brain.

Different poses in yoga strengthen the core. This includes the circulatory, respiratory, immune and digestive system. Yoga improves our ability to endure and intensifies strength.

Muscles and Bones:

Yoga not only strengthens and improves the working of the different systems of our body, but it also helps in strengthening the muscles and bones. There are poses in yoga that concentrate completely on strengthening and development of the muscles. This helps our body in becoming active and energetic. We may experience a boost in our energy levels and a significant increase in working power.

Different yoga poses help us in improving our body posture. A bad body posture has a number of negative effects like:

  • We get physically tired very quickly
  • It affects our confidence level
  • Affects our overall personality

A good body posture is a sign of a good personality. Yoga poses help in improving the posture that boosts one’s confidence. Studies have shown yoga of having a very positive impact on people who want to increase their height. Different stretches help in straightening the bones and the muscles lose fat and become lean.

Immune system:

Yoga is known to help lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system. It also regulates the respiratory system and lymphatic system to get rid of the toxins residing inside the body. Yoga is actually very different from other forms of exercise that target only the particular parts of the body. Yoga takes care of the complete system and ensures each part in the system is working properly. It is through yoga that hormones which are helpful in strengthening the immune system, are produced. This helps in having a well prepared immune system, ready to take on diseases.


With the aging process, our metabolism slows down. Yoga helps in speeding up our metabolic process. Metabolism is something that is very important in every living organism in order to continue living. To put it simply, metabolism changes our food into energy which is needed by our body to carry out everyday activities. It also means getting rid of the unwanted, leftover and filtered out wastes and toxins from the body.

Yoga give us power and control over ourselves

Yoga teaches us to keep ourselves relaxed, stress free and the ways to react in a particular situation. Yoga also helps us in getting rid of the habits that are harmful for us. For example, if a person enjoys overeating, yoga will help that person in controlling this bad habit keeping control over himself in the times when extreme food cravings might kick in.

Yoga is a complete lifestyle choice. If yoga routines are followed, one can easily see the yoga-effects in the life of that person. Yoga helps in relaxing and then strengthening the body. It also boosts up energy levels and shoves away toxins that cause a build-up and choke the system. A clear mind and a strong body are good enough for a supercharged life. Yoga is undoubtedly the best way to change your life.

If you are new to yoga or are just starting out, start by taking a yoga retreat and you’ll come back hungry for more!

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