Dakota Rager Shares Warm Up & Recovery Tips

Games Athlete, Dakota Rager (#22 fittest on the planet 2017) – uses the Myobuddy Massager Pro daily to warm up before every workout and recover after very WOD. Here’s why:

Injury prevention

Avoiding injury is one of the most important things for any crossfitter or athlete. No one wants to be sidelined for months with a pulled or torn muscle or ligament. It’s a great idea to incorporate proper warm up and recovery sessions into daily workouts.

Enhance Performance

In addition to decreasing your chance of injury, Pre-WOD Myobuddy massage can enhance your performance. By warming up the muscles and getting oxygen flowing into the fascia and soft tissue, you’ll be able to respond and perform on higher levels.

Recover Faster

Post workout use of the Myobuddy Massager Pro means faster recovery (so you can workout again, sooner), and more healthy muscles and joints. Myobuddy Massage keeps the soft tissue and fascia from bunching and pushes lactic acid and waste out, while oxygenating the cells. Treat yourself for 2 minutes immediately after a WOD, then for 10 minutes later in the day and cut your recovery time and soreness levels.

Visit the: Myobuddy Massager Box Athletes page.

Dakota Rager is currently training for the 2018 Games. He is both the owner and instructor at SeaMonkey Crossfit in Uhrichsville, Ohio.  You can follow @ragerdakota on Instagram. Dakota is considered a rising star in the fitness world and has built quite a competitive resume including these:

2018 – 2nd Place Wodapalooza

2017 – 22nd Place Individual at the Games

2017 – 2nd Place Individual South Regional

2016 – 24th Place (Team Competition)

2016 – 1st Place Northern California Open

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