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A Workout For The Busy: In Other Words, A Workout For Us All

Are you busy, want to be physically fit, but somehow cannot start exercising regularly? This is actually a very common dilemma, so how do we overcome this?

One of the main reasons why we cannot hold on to an exercise routine is that we either take on too much all of a sudden, or the routine selected by us is impractical and somewhat unrealistic. Let’s face it–if you plan to start an exercise routine that lasts for over an hour, chances are that you would not find that time regularly and will soon stop altogether. Therefore this is certainly not the right approach. Instead, breaking down your workout timings in half is a much better and more practical solution to this problem. And of course, it is much more enjoyable too.

Therefore, for a busy person’s workout, it is better to resort to the strategy of splitting up your exercising routine in two halves–morning and evening; and you would find it much simpler to follow and would be able to do it regularly. Start your day by having an activity like walking for 30 minutes in the morning followed up by aerobics. Then do your toning up and other exercises in the evening. You will find it much simpler to squeeze these short sessions in without disrupting your daily routine.

Here is a set of practical and easy to follow methods for a busy woman’s workout.  It involves one set of cardio exercises to give you that all around fitness that you desire.

A “quickie” cardio session for the newbie

The key to fitness is the intensity of a cardio workout. It is an established fact that all we need to get our heart rate up for working up a sweat is a twenty-minute continuous activity at a steady pace. Therefore, if you aim at a gradual increase in the heart rate for warm up and thereafter keep it steady for twenty minutes or more, it would give a perfect boost to the cardio results.

Since cardio involves continuous exercise without a break for 20 minutes or more, wearing a comfortable sports rig and a well fitting pair of shoes is essential.

  • For the first two minutes, walk at a slow pace with the idea of warming up
  • Next five minutes: increase your tempo and walk at a slightly faster pace, making a brisk motion with your legs and shaking your arms to limber up. Roll your feet so that the motion is smooth, without jerkiness.
  • Next seven minutes: walk at even more brisker pace. Your breathing will become faster and heart rate would reach its peak. This is a very important activity during which you will feel the sweat breaking in.
  • After seven minutes, do the opposite, then slow down for next five minutes and cool down for the last two minutes.

Quick strengthening routines

These are a set of exercises that can give you the maximum calorie burn. The following exercises should be done in a quick succession after the initial warm up.

First, do an initial warm up by either running or walking at a brisk pace for 5 minutes. Ensure that you are wearing comfortable and well-fitted clothes and balanced shoes. After that, proceed with the following exercises:

Bridging body lifts (for abs, back, hamstrings and glutes)

  • Lie down flat on your back and bend your knees towards the hips
  • Keep your knees apart by a foot or so as your feet move along the ground towards your hips
  • Lift your hips slowly after contracting your abdominal muscles and glutes so that your hips form a shape like a bridge
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly move your hips back to the floor
  • Repeat this 10-12 times

Squats and shoulder presses (for hamstrings, quads, glutes and shoulders)

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand while standing and bring them slowly up to your shoulders by bending the elbows
  • Lower yourself into a squatting position, with thighs almost parallel so that it forms a seating position
  • Press the dumbbells slightly up, taking care to keep your elbows bent slightly
  • Repeat this a few times

Lunges and lifts (for hamstrings, glutes and quads)

  • Stand with your hands on your hips and take a half  step forward with your right foot
  • Lower your left knee towards the floor
  • Then, move your right foot and lift your right leg. Try to balance yourself on your left leg only.
  • Repeat similarly for the left side.

Push-ups and a twist (for abs, back, chest and shoulders)

  • Start with a push-up position and contracting your abdominals, bend your elbows and lower your body down to touch the floor.
  • Now push up and rotate the body towards the right, and extend the right arm overhead in line with the left shoulder while both arms are fully extended.
  • Place your right arm back on the floor.
  • Do on opposite side; return to start and repeat.


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