Mr. Bicep Reviews the best in fitness tech

The 2016 IDEA World Fitness Convention & Expo recently wrapped-up at the LA Convention Center and Mr. Bicep of Bruce Pechman brought back the hottest products from the show floor, including the MyoBuddy Massager Pro®, to share with Good Morning San Diego viewers!

Check out Mr. Bicep’s Good Morning San Diego segment featuring the hottest products here.

MyoBuddy Pro Good Morning San Diego

Experience Next Level Recovery

Experience next level recovery for yourself with the MyoBuddy Massager Pro! MyoBuddy takes personal electric massagers to the next level by placing professional grade, deep tissue, warming, trigger point and vibrational massage in the palm of your hands, providing instant relief to muscle soreness and myofascial pain and making it easier for athletes and those who want a quick pick-me-up to treat themselves to daily massage. Click here to order yours today!

MyoBuddy Massager Pro®
MyoBuddy Massager Pro®


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