Ultimate snacking guide for bodybuilders and bonus tips you need to know

Choosing the food you eat can become quite difficult when you start your bodybuilding journey. Realizing that muscular growth is not 100 percent training, eating the right type and amount of food you eat can be challenging. Hunger pangs may kick in if you are trying to limit your intake.

This can be especially true when you are preparing for a competition! Every calorie counts! Too much food limit can lead to frustration and may lead you to binge! So, it’s better if you can fill your stomach with the right kinds of food!

This is also true when you do not have enough calorie intake. This premise, too, can sabotage your growth!

Your Guiding Star

If you are taking your bodybuilding journey seriously, I assume that you are already counting the calories you eat. This is a good start. It will be easier for you to track down your main meals and snacks.

Calorie Count

Make sure that you spread your meals throughout the day. Snacks are important as they can keep the hunger pangs at bay. The natural tendency is to eat too much when you starve. Snacking in between major meals will keep your stomach busy. This enables you to effectively control your calorie intake.

Count your calories wisely. It may be difficult to precisely quantify the food you take, but this will help you set a margin between your safe number and threshold.


Make sure that your preferred snack is packed with protein. This is the building block of your muscles. Every effective workout leaves micro-tears on your muscles. This tear signals your body to repair it and make it tougher in anticipation of heavier work.

This is how your muscles grow. Having a constant supply of the repair materials (protein) needed by your body means that you will recover and grow in an efficient way.


This macronutrient is the source of energy. The higher your muscular ratio is, the higher carbohydrates you need to constantly supply your metabolism. Just make sure that you are counting the number of carbohydrates in the calories you take.

What to Eat for Snack

Finding a healthy and appropriate snack for bodybuilders is not all that difficult. Your local gym, I believe, offers some valuable snacks. If you have spare time, you can even make your own in large batches so that you won’t run out!

Trail Mix


Mixed nuts and pretzels are a good snack choice. Nuts are rich in protein and soluble fiber. Be careful as they are dense and packed with high calories. A cup of trail mix can have as much as 700 calories!

Be careful when choosing a brand. Some have chocolate chips in them which raises the calories to the roof. Some others have more pretzels on it and fewer nuts. This increases its carbohydrate contents.

If you want to take control of the sources of your calories, you can buy the nuts separately and mix them in a jar. You can omit the stuff you don’t like using this way.

Protein Shake

Shakes are the easiest way to prepare a snack. Just mix the power in water thoroughly, and you’re done. If you have a small digital scale, you can divide the desired portions, pack it in a small zip bag and carry it when you go out. This makes sure you have a snack you can eat when you get hungry (or tempted!).



If you have enough cardio on your workout routine, you can snack on fruits. Count it carefully as it is easy to lose track. Fruits are sugary, and too much can lead to weight gain. If you can burn them off, go knock yourself out. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. It can boost your immunity.



If you are craving for savory snacks, wraps are a good way to go. Stock on some pita or tortilla in your fridge for a ready supply. Grill chicken breasts and cut them into pieces then fill your pita bread. Add some greens and vinaigrette to taste.

You can also use fill your wraps with tacos if you please. Just don’t forget to measure the amount you eat.


Snacking should not be avoided! In fact, it is a great way to steer you away from frustrating hunger pangs! Just make sure you track the food you eat so that you won’t go past your limit.

There are many ideal snacks for bodybuilders you can choose from. If you are in a hurry, a protein shake will suffice! On the other hand, if you have the luxury of time, you can make a different type of wraps!

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