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A Brief Guide to Good Personal Hygiene

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Guest Blog by Health Writer Beth Martel

We live in a world with more than 7 billion people being in existence. On a daily basis we get to come across hundreds of new faces out of those 7 billion and each day dozens of first impressions are made by those that meet us. They say first impressions last entire lifetimes because of which it is of the utmost importance to always be at your best.

Imagine the discrimination and judgments you may face if you enter your prospective employer’s office with disheveled clothes and hair, bad morning breath, strong body odor and even a bad tooth! In such a state there are 110% chances of someone else scoring a job that you may have well been capable of.

It is due to this and an entire list of important reason that good personal hygiene must at all times be incorporated on a day-to-day basis. One of the most prominent reasons also includes the fact that simple habits such as washing your hands frequently, or bathing on a daily basis are one of the most effective methods to protect ourselves from various diseases.

Hygiene TipsMentioned below are just a few of the simple basic tips on how a good personal hygiene can be maintained.

  1. Covering your mouth and your nose with a napkin or tissue can aid in stopping the germs from spreading.
  1. Bacteria are killed due to the intense UV rays once clothes are hung out in the sun and any parasites or bed bugs are also killed.
  1. Washing your hands with soap every time you come back home from an outing, are about to eat, after using the toilet or even after every few hours can help avoid contracting any infections that are spread through germs.
  1. Shampooing the hair at least once a week to avoid greasy looking hair.
  1. Changing into clean clothes after coming back from a long day out at work.
  1. Washing clothes on a weekly basis, along with the bed covers that have bee used throughout the week.
  1. Brushing your teeth twice a day, if not thrice. Once in the morning once the day begins and then in the evening before falling asleep. Specific brushing techniques must also be used to ensure the maximum effectiveness to eliminate germs.
  1. Flossing on alternative days if not regularly, Flossing has been said to help keep the gums healthy by cleaning them of any food particles that may be stuck between the teeth.
  1. In cases of women that go through menstruation cycles, a strict cleansing routine must be adopted during the monthly menstruation cycle which includes the frequent changing of tampons or sanitary pads throughout the day. Along with the washing of hands before and after every change.
  1. Body odor can easily be caused due to unwashed clothes, sweating and even dead skin because of which bathing on a daily basis is necessary followed by the use of body mists or deodorants to eradicate or minimize any body odor.
  1. Keeping a hand sanitizer with you in your handbag or your pocket at all times is an essential, there are instances throughout the day where the use of a hand sanitizer is needed e.g. after petting an animal, touching a potentially dirty door knob or coming into contact with someone that has fallen victim to viral infections.

Believe it or not, there exists a blacklist for celebrities which consists of all those that are well-known among the populations, however, observe bad personal hygiene because of which they are at times neglected and not taken up for roles. Maintaining a good personal hygiene can not be emphasized upon enough, it does not take up much time but hold a lot of importance because of which it should be taken up as a habit rather than a chore.

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Beth MartelThis post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at www.Healthyrecharge.com

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