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New Year’s Resolution Tips: Goal-Setting for Fitness Success

Fitness ResoltuionsHappy New Year! Are you setting health and fitness goals for 2016? Many of us set fitness goals that we want to accomplish in the upcoming year—and we can do it! That is, of course, if we stick with the program.

The first step to setting goals is to manage your expectations with micro goals. Instead of setting one big, seemingly unattainable health goal, fitness goals should start small—that helps you build on your fitness accomplishments, reduce risk of injury, and stay focused.

Here are some of tips for staying on track.

Commit to making exercise a habit. For a new habit to stick, try to make a small change at first and set a routine. If you like to work out in the morning, set a time that is convenient every morning. Whether you’re walking, jogging, or doing Pilates or yoga, schedule your fitness routine into your daily schedule. The more you repeat a habit, the more likely it is to stick.

Note: Experts say it takes 21 days to establish a habit, so target maintaining your fitness routine for at least 21 days!

Write it down. If you post your list of goals where you are likely to see it every day, on your fridge, a post-it on your mirror—the constant reminder will keep your goals top of mind. But don’t stop there! Posting your fitness accomplishments as well can go a long way towards helping you stay motivated and wanting to do more.

Target one goal at a time. If you want to start eating more healthfully, for instance, start with that—focus on mapping out meal plans, for example. After you’re eating better, tackle the next goal on your list. Gradually add on more once you have mastered the previous goal. There is no rush; you have the whole year!

Map out a timeline with benchmarks for each fitness goal. This will keep you from getting frustrated and will allow you to stay realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Know your limits and what your body can actually sustain.

Practice Mindfulness. Remember why you are getting fit in the first place. Practice envisioning how great you are going to feel and look. Every day of staying active and eating healthier is another day closer to reaching your goals.

Be patient! You’re not going to get results overnight. Results come with time. In 10 workouts you’ll feel the difference, in 20 workouts you’ll see the difference, and in 30 workouts you’ll look and feel like a whole new you. Staying active is better than nothing, so know that no matter how often you work out, you’re achieving good health.

Find a fitness routine you enjoy. Enjoying the kind of exercise you do helps keep you motivated to keep on doing it. If you love going swimming, you’re more likely to keep at it. It’s not just about fitness being a priority; it’s about you prioritizing your happiness. That is something that is healthy for both body and soul.

What’s your plan for achieving your 2016 fitness resolutions?

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