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Get supercharged by adopting yoga in your life.

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Live Well Guest Blog Post By Alma Causey In the digital age, there is very little time left for the relaxation of one’s self and one’s mind. A typical day consists of buzzing smartphones, attending meetings, rushing to and from work, breakfast on the go and of course, the constant exposure to screens – be [...]

A Brief Guide to Good Personal Hygiene

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Healthy Living Tips Guest Blog by Health Writer Beth Martel We live in a world with more than 7 billion people being in existence. On a daily basis we get to come across hundreds of new faces out of those 7 billion and each day dozens of first impressions are made by those that meet [...]

Quick Home Remedies for Treating Cuboid Syndrome.

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Are you experiencing soreness on the outside of your foot? You may be suffering from Cuboid Syndrome. What is Cuboid Syndrome? The cuboid is one of the small bones on the outer side of the mid-foot. It attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus) via a number of strong ligaments and a joint capsule forming the calcaneocuboid [...]

Fitness Bloggers review MyoBuddy Massager Pro®

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The reviews are in... IDEA World Fitness bloggers are absolutely loving the MyoBuddy Pro® Percussive Massager! Check out what they're saying... Deep Fried Fit Blog "Fitness isn't all about logging in those sweaty workouts. It's about rest and recovery too. Check out my new secret weapon in my arsenal of recovery tools." -Mai Lyn - [...]

Outdoor Workout Tips for Beating the Heat

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Guest Blog by Health Writer Emma Lawson With the hot weather out, it’d be pretty ridiculous to limit your workout sessions to the indoor joy, only. Running on the river bank, going for a swimming session, playing basketball with your mates or going for a spin should replace your air-conditioned gym time anytime. Not only [...]