Outdoor Workout Tips for Beating the Heat

Guest Blog by Health Writer Emma Lawson

With the hot weather out, it’d be pretty ridiculous to limit your workout sessions to the indoor joy, only. Running on the river bank, going for a swimming session, playing basketball with your mates or going for a spin should replace your air-conditioned gym time anytime. Not only you’ll enjoy the fresh air and the sun (and get tanned in the process) but you’ll add excitement to your regular workout routine by potentially meeting new people who are into the same sports you are.

Convinced to re-direct yourself to the outdoors? Good! Let’s go through the best outdoor workout and safety tips you can get to enjoy the process.

Outdoor Paddleboard

Outdoor sports to embrace


If you are living close to the ocean, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is the sport to opt for. Paddleboarding is an amazing way to tone your whole body without feeling like you’re exercising, which will make the whole thing even more fun. While the whole thing looks super easy, standing on that board with a paddle to navigate across flat, calm waters is no piece of cake. The sport requires core stability and control while toning up and building your tummy muscles.


For all lovers of basketball, hitting the court with the guys or girls is perfect. This super-effective high-intensity interval burns major calories and increases maximal aerobic capacity. And – it’s fun! You can meet up with old friends, gym buddies or whoever you like playing the ball with and enjoy your sessions while building your social connections in the process.


Light, fun and refreshing yet super effective – riding a scooter to work or wherever will make for an amazing workout. Riding on a self-balancing scooter engages your whole body while at the same time getting you where you need to be very quickly. This is not an intense workout but it’s pretty great for everyone who likes to keep their fitness in check but not break too much sweat.



Trail running is the perfect replacement for a long run with just as many calories lost. Your body has to work harder with every step, thanks to the textured, uneven terrain which adds to a super intense, effective workout that’s way better than pounding pavement. Make sure you pick quality shoes and you’re good to go.

Health tips for outdoor workout


For shorter workouts, plain water is fine but, we’d advise to bring a sports drink or two to replenish your carbohydrates and electrolytes if you’ll be exercising for longer than an hour.


If it’s hot out, eat complex carbohydrates the night before. The sugars turned into glycogen will help your body hold onto its water supply.


For everyone who works out regularly, taking their antioxidants is crucial. According to some studies, vitamins C, E and beta-carotene facilitate healing if you get burned, and 1,000 IU of vitamin E provides extra protection against sun damage.

Choosing Running Shoes


Once you start hitting dirt trails and rocky pathways, forget all about your low-top running shoes (although they are perfect for an indoor track). Make sure your outdoor shoes have plenty of padding or gel support – you need something to make up for the lack of “give” underneath.


Just because you’ve been a regular on the treadmill or during your outdoor workouts, it doesn’t mean you can suddenly bike up a mountain without suffering the next day. Make sure you get used to outdoor activities gradually, and the warm weather ahead of you is your oyster.

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