What Is a Mobile Massage?

Massage therapy feels fabulous and imparts some impressive health benefits. However, squeezing it into your busy schedule can prove challenging. Could a mobile massage offer the relief you seek? 

Mobile massage doesn’t require a trip to a spa. Sometimes, you can manage one amid other errands, bringing a bright respite to an otherwise hectic day. Other times, lengthy home therapy sessions induce a more profound relief. Here’s a closer look at what mobile massage is and isn’t and how you can reap the benefits. 

What Are the Various Types of Mobile Massage? 

Mobile massage therapy refers to treatments outside of a spa or provider’s office. It might take place on a chair at the mall or even in the privacy of your home. 

For example, in-home mobile massage offers a viable treatment alternative to people with disabilities who may not drive. It also eliminates stress from battling traffic afterward. Mobile therapists can give patients tips on using self-massaging devices to stay healthier between sessions. For instance, a 10-minute self-massage twice daily delivers the best results.

However, you can also find mobile massage outside of the home. For example, many therapists rent booth space at malls and health fairs. The latter typically take place in accessible areas like medical centers equipped to handle mobility challenges and area parks served by public transit. Older adults, in particular — who account for 4% of park visitors — can take advantage of seeing mobile massage therapists in these environments. 

Treatments in such venues are often shorter and less expensive, giving you a chance to experience massage benefits before investing in a pricey package. 

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Massage? 

Why should you consider mobile massage? Here are four solid reasons to book an appointment.

1. Stress Relief

Have you found yourself jumping at shadows, snapping at loved ones and wanting nothing more than to retreat to your bed alone? If so, you’re likely under serious stress. 

The healing power of touch lowers levels of stress hormones like cortisol while boosting the production of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin. When cortisol levels remain elevated, your body increases tolerance to them, but it comes at a price. Physically, your risk of chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes increases. Meanwhile, you may feel continually on edge, unable to concentrate and all-around burnt out. Regular mobile massage may mitigate these levels. 

2. Reduce Pain and Ease Muscle Tightness

Chronic pain and stress share a complex relationship. Excess tension makes you clench your muscles unconsciously, creating problems such as bruxism or teeth grinding. It can also result in painful muscle cramps, making it hard to ease through deep breathing alone. 

Massage works to relieve muscle tension. It also provides mindful time for your body to tune into where you hold the most tension. 

3. Improve Your Mood and Sleep 

The excess cortisol production accompanying prolonged stress can give way to anxiety disorders affecting your waking mood — this makes it harder to get restful sleep at night. Every substance in your body affects others, and serotonin isn’t the only neurotransmitter impacted by high cortisol. It also affects glutamate and GABA, which play crucial roles in memory formation and PTSD. 

Mobile massage may help, especially when done in conjunction with aromatherapy. For example, relaxing scents like lavender and sage linger on your skin, helping you maintain a relaxed feeling long after the rubdown ends. The balancing effect on your hormones and neurotransmitters may improve your mood. 

Massage also boosts serotonin, which is a precursor to melatonin — a vital sleep hormone. Therefore, balancing your levels through mobile massage might make sleep easier to achieve. 

4. Invoke a Sense of Connection 

The modern world often leaves you feeling disconnected from others. However, people need people. Getting a mobile massage restores your sense of connection, helping you combat loneliness and enjoy a positive social experience.

Answers to FAQs About Mobile Massage 

What do you need to know before booking your appointment? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about mobile massage. 

1. What Should I Wear for a Mobile Massage? 

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is best if going for a mobile massage in a public location. Women might consider wearing a sports bra instead of one with buckles and clasps to make it easier for the therapist to manipulate your back while you sit in a special chair. 

2. Do I Have to Take Off My Clothing for a Mobile Massage? 

If you book a mobile massage in the privacy of your home, you may completely undress for treatment. Your therapist will drape you with blankets, exposing only the portion they’re currently massaging. Of course, you may choose to keep on undergarments or even a bathing suit if it increases your comfort, although you should avoid anything tight or with oppressive belts or straps. 

3. What Should I Do Following a Mobile Massage? 

Your therapist should provide you with post-treatment instructions. These typically include drinking lots of water to flush out toxins released through the process. You can resume normal activities immediately following a mobile massage, although you might prefer to linger in the relaxing vibes before rushing off. 

4. Is a Mobile Massage Supposed to Hurt? 

Massage should feel good. While some techniques — such as deep tissue massage — can invoke a pleasant soreness, your experience shouldn’t hurt. Advise your therapist of any medical conditions and speak up if you experience significant discomfort. 

5. How Much Does a Mobile Massage Cost? 

Mobile massage prices vary depending on the technique and venue. A pop-up stand offering back massages at a mall or public health fair may range from free to $75, while private in-home average $175 to $300 per session. Although insurance typically does not cover elective massage therapy, it may if your doctor prescribes it — check with your provider if you believe you may benefit. 

Mobile Massage Where You Need It

You can’t always rely on mobile massage to meet your needs. However, Myobuddy’s self-massage tools aim to change the dynamic by making the healing power of touch available to you anytime and anywhere. Explore their line of home massagers to complement your therapy sessions or enjoy private self-treatment while you watch TV. 

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