Regular Massages May Help Employers in These 5 Industries Stay Safe at Work

Massages are more than just a treat. Regular rubdowns can improve blood circulation, reduce stress and prevent injuries. This beneficial practice can help you stay safe at work and in good shape. Here’s how to incorporate it into your workday and why it can make a big difference in your mood, physical condition and outlook.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Massages to Stay Safe? 

Suppose you have a physically demanding job that requires you to be on your feet all day, operating heavy machinery or ensuring systems work correctly. In that case, you will benefit from regular massage.

Some industry professionals that would benefit include:

  • Construction and manufacturing workers
  • Medical staff like doctors, nurses, EMTs
  • Farmers
  • Executive chefs and cooks in the hospitality industry
  • Firefighters and safety officers
  • Pilots, flight attendants and truck drivers

Benefits of Regular Massage for Employees

Your health should be of top consideration when practicing safety measures. The condition of your body affects mobility and strength, which are required for physically demanding jobs. 

Improved Blood Flow for Productivity 

Increased blood circulation is one of the most significant benefits of regular massage. While you move, walk around, carry heavy objects or use the computer, your circulatory system works hard to carry oxygen to every body part. It’s needed to perform tasks efficiently and keep your productivity levels where they need to be. Feeling an energy drop in the afternoon is a telltale sign that your cells need more blood flow. 

Among other solutions, massage helps to increase blood circulation and wake your cells up. The pressure applied to your arms, back or legs moves blood through congested areas and back to your heart so it can pump oxygenated blood everywhere. 

Decreased Upper Body Pain 

A physically demanding job typically requires a lot of upper body strength for heavy lifting, operating machinery and daily work activities. Prevent back strain by prioritizing mobility and keeping your muscles in good shape. You can do this through stretching and with massage. 

Regular massage therapy can effectively treat back pain. You may benefit from deep tissue massage if problems reoccur or to recover from an injury. It relieves tension through myofascial release, releasing knots in your muscles. This reduces stress in your body and allows you to move. 

Reduced Stress 

According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help to manage it. Another 42% say their co-workers need help, which says a lot about how stress can affect workplace engagement and relationships. 

It’s essential to have a positive workplace culture where people feel relaxed, positive and supported so they can take on the day’s work. Massage therapy can help you feel less stressed on the job and make the most of your hours on the clock. 

Better Rest 

Studies show that even a 10-minute nap can increase energy throughout your day. Self-massage can work just as well. Just 10 minutes of workplace massage can activate your body’s relaxation response. Get a massage tool to keep in your office or locker and use it the next time you feel an afternoon slump coming on. Look for massage tools with noise-reduction technology to use during your lunch break for a refresh if you don’t want to disturb co-workers. 

Regular massage can also improve the quality of your sleep. After a long day of hard work, it’s important to rest in preparation for tomorrow. Your muscles and cells recover overnight so you feel energized the next day. Maybe you’re a nurse with regular 24-hour shifts or a pilot flying longer hours without rest and sometimes experience sleep deprivation. Massage therapy may help you relax and fall asleep faster if you experience sleep deficiency or disrupted rest. 

Injury Prevention

Working at a job that requires you to be up on your feet all day or operating machinery can be challenging for body and mind. Like your industrial safety boots or protective gear, your outlook is an essential part of staying safe in construction. A healthy lifestyle will lessen the risk of injuries like muscle strains and pulls. You need to exercise regularly, eat well and avoid junk food, and do activities that help you to relax and recover. 

Massage can be part of preventive care and industrial safety since oxygen from good blood circulation keeps your muscles strong and healthy. Movements like kneading and stroking, and the heat from the friction between the massager’s hands and skin, help your blood to flow faster and carry oxygen to body parts that need it most. Oxygen is the fuel and energy source your muscles need to function correctly. 

Practice Industry Safety With Regular Massage

With all your work and effort to keep business going and your customers or clients healthy and safe, you deserve something that works hard for you, too. It’s vital to invest in yourself and ensure employees and co-workers remain in good physical and emotional shape. Get yourself a massage tool today or contact us for more information on how to feel your best through massage.

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