Health Benefits of Strength Training

Health Benefits of Strength Training

Guest Blog Post by Fitness Professional Patrick Lenhoff

Strength training is very beneficial to many people because it offers quite a bit of protection from a variety of ailments, and it helps to keep a person healthy. When people complete workouts, they can increase their body’s immune system to ward off diseases and colds. There are many reasons why people decide to begin strength training. For most, it is something they look forward to on a regular basis.

Whether you’re young or old, a man or a woman (this awesome Positive Health Wellness infographic illustrates that), strength training can benefit you in a variety of ways.

Training Options to Consider

Since strength training works the muscles, there are different options a person can consider. They should pick the one that will work best for their lifestyle and the time that they have to complete workouts. Here are some that they can choose from:

  • For Weight Of The Body – Many training exercises can be done without equipment or with minimal use of gear. Some of these types of exercises include pull-ups, push ups, leg squats and abdominal crunches. These exercises will burn off calories and increase the metabolism. They will also help make the muscles leaner, enabling you to move easier with your daily duties.
  • Tubing That Is Resistant – With tubing, you will increase your muscle mass and metabolism. This type of tubing is inexpensive. You can choose from different types, and you can find it at a sporting goods store. The tubing is stretched by the exercises you perform, and the strain comes with many health benefits.
  • Weights That Are Free When Used – These types of weights include dumbbells and barbells. Both of these are excellent tools for training, and they increase muscle mass in a short period of time.
  • Weight Machines – Lots of people like to join fitness clubs to use the weight machines. These are resistant tools that will give you a fantastic workout. You can also buy these types of weight machines to use in your home. You will feel energized and strong.

Experts Believe in Strength Training

The Mayo Clinic backs strength training for people of all ages to increase their muscle mass. They also believe that it helps people to do the following:

  • Keeps Bones Strong – Training is ideal for increasing the density of your bones. It will contribute to reducing the chances of getting osteoporosis, which causes brittleness of the bones. Having this protection is excellent, especially for the aging population to ward off potential fractures or breaks.
  • Keeps Weight In Check – With strength training, you can lose weight. It also helps you increase your metabolism so that you’re burning more calories on a regular basis. When your metabolism is boosted, you can even burn calories while you’re sleeping. Staying in shape is something that many people want to do, and with strength training, you will be able to do so. Combine it with a few healthy meals to lose weight and you will see the pounds shed right off.
  • A Person Can Enjoy Life More With Strength Training – Training makes you stronger. You will have better balance in your body, which will ultimately reduce chances of accidents. People that practice strength training can live to an old age and remain independent in the way they live on a daily basis without risking falls.
  • Tolerate Chronic Conditions – With strength training, you can deal better with chronic conditions. Arthritis, obesity, depression, back pain, diabetes and heart disease can be handled in an easier fashion. This is extremely beneficial to a variety of people who suffer from these illnesses. By discussing training with your doctor, you will be well on your way to dealing with these diseases better.
  • Think Better – By practicing strength training, it can improve cognitive functions. You should make sure you do your exercises on a regular basis to keep your mind sharp. Your memory will also be sharper when you complete training workouts. This has extreme benefits as you age. You will be able to remain more independent with your daily activities well into your golden years.

Checking with A Doctor Before Beginning Training

For many people, getting a checkup by a doctor is imperative before they begin strength training. You want to make sure that you’re healthy so that you can proceed to increase their muscle mass and burn the calories that lead to fatty deposits throughout the body. You can discuss the benefits with your doctor when you go in for a checkup. In the majority of cases, the doctor also knows that strength training is beneficial in many ways, and they will likely give you the approval to begin workouts on a regular basis.

Can People Suffer Injuries from Training?

Health Benefits of Strength TrainingYes, it is possible that you may suffer an injury at one point or another when strength training. You could pull a muscle or some other type of injury. Usually, these problems heal themselves over time by wrapping the affected area of the body with adhesive bandages, but many people visit their doctors just to be on the safe side. Once their injury has healed, you should ease back into it, so you don’t get hurt again. These problems are often mild, and you can ease back up to your regular training within a few weeks. However, if you take the advice of an expert and follow simple guidelines, you should be injury-free.

At any age, people can benefit from strength training. You should begin the workout as soon a possible and perform it on a regular basis to get the most benefits. You will see improvements in the way you feel, and live a better and healthier life. You will feel energized and positive when you’re in shape, and it will give you a better frame of mind to deal with problems that can arise.

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