7 Ways To Workout On A Budget

It’s one thing to know that working out can supercharge your productivity, but does it always have to come with a supercharged price tag? Well, no matter what flashy commercials may try to tell you, it is completely possible to work out on a budget.

To help you kickstart your budget workout routines, here are seven different ways you can start achieving your health and fitness goals without breaking the bank.

1.  Take Advantage Of Your Local Parks

Unless you have children, most adults don’t think about their local parks all that much. But if you think about it, a park isn’t much more than a free outdoor gym. Even without the official outdoor gym equipment, you can be creative with what is available. Some ideas to start you off are:

  • Pull-ups and knee raises on the jungle gym.
  • Jog around the perimeter or in the grass.
  • Use parallel bars near the slides for dips.
  • Park benches can be used for plyometrics.

2.  Pick Up A Membership At A Rec Center

Unlike a traditional gym or health club, local recreation centers or YMCAs offer a mix of things to do, from workout equipment to racquetball courts, depending on your area. These memberships are often cheap for locals, and you can go swim some laps before playing a game of pickup basketball, which is a far cry from what a regular gym offers.

3.  Utilize YouTube For Free Classes

If you like fitness classes, but the idea of paying for the classes has you looking for workarounds, then you need to look into utilizing YouTube.

On YouTube, you can find tons of free fitness channels. These channels often feature engaging personalities who can lead you through workouts ranging from yoga to heart-pumping pilates. No matter what kind of class you are looking for, you can likely find a channel dedicated to producing that style of fitness classes.

4.  Build A Budget Home Gym

Maybe you are more of a homebody who doesn’t feel like sweating at a park or gym. Well, it is possible to build a home gym on a budget. For much of the equipment, such as weights, you can either search for secondhand and thrift equipment or just repurpose some ordinary home goods, like filling milk jugs with sand for homemade weights.

However, I would caution against buying second-hand workout machines like treadmills and ellipticals. As NordicTrack Coupon puts it, “You never know what that machine went through before it reached your house.”

Also, another important factor is the fact that the manufacturer warranty only covers the original purchaser. I would recommend you shop for the budget machines from quality manufacturers and look for coupon codes to help you save on new fitness equipment.

5.  Check Your Health Insurance Coverage

It may surprise you, but some health insurance companies offer reimbursement for gym memberships. Also, your workplace may have some sort of free or reduced gym membership deals available for employees. Be sure to contact your insurance provider or talk to your HR to see if you are missing out on these benefits.

6.  Work For A Gym Or Fitness Club

If you have some spare time, you may want to consider picking up a part-time job at a gym or health club. One of the main perks most gyms offer to employees is the ability to work out there for free.

Also, if it is a chain of gyms, your employee membership often extends to other locations. These jobs are usually for the front reception desk and generally aren’t overly demanding, so if you have the time, you can earn some extra money and pick up a free gym membership.

7.  Exercise During Your Work Break

To help you save on time as well as money, you can opt to workout during your lunch break. These workouts can consist of something simple, like taking a walk to help your blood start flowing again or doing some yoga to work out the stiffness that can be a hazard of many jobs.

Remember To Take Time For Workout Recovery

By cutting down on your workout expenses, you can dedicate enough resources to protecting your overall health and wellness. Because, as much as your body needs exercise, it also requires careful recovery time.

During your recovery time, your muscles repair the microtears that have developed as you exercise and your body adjusts to the changes your fitness has created. To help with that recovery, investing in a professional-grade massaging tool is a great way to ease sore muscles and help make the most of your recovery days.

Once you have mastered your budget workouts and recovery days, there is nothing stopping you from reaching your health and fitness goals—all without you spending thousands on gyms, boutique cycling studios, and personal trainers.


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