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9 Ways to Make the Most out of a Mental Health Day

Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and more employers recognize it. If you have a chance to take a mental health day, it’s worth doing. These days help prevent burnout. They’re important for your mind to rest and recuperate as your body does on a sick day. 

Even if you don’t have dedicated mental health days, taking occasional personal or sick leave for the sake of your mental health is good for your well-being. However, spending that time on housework or packing your schedule full takes away from the benefits mental rest has on both mind and body. Here are seven ways you can make the most out of a mental health day. 

  1. Get Some Rest 

We all need sleep, but you might not get enough. Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep but the average  American gets fewer than seven hours of sleep. Research shows that not getting enough sleep can exacerbate stress and symptoms of mental health disorders. 

While it is important to sleep enough more often than not, sleeping in on a mental health day can help you recoup some energy and feel calmer and happier. 

  1. Go to Lunch With Friends

Human connection is an important part of life, but with more people working from home or spending long hours in an office, it can get hard to enjoy quality time with the people you love. 

Spending lunch with friends can lift your spirits and fuel the connections you need to thrive. Laughing and catching up on life can help reduce feelings of isolation, lift your spirits and assure you that you’re loved and supported when life gets hectic. 

  1. Read a Book 

Reading is a great way to escape from the stress of everyday life. Relaxing with a book is an excellent way to practice mindfulness–not worrying about the past or future. 

Choose a lighthearted genre that you enjoy. Books that make you think a lot or raise your anxiety since they’re not conducive to relaxation. You can read multiple chapters on your mental health day and continue reading a chapter in the coming evenings to decompress. You might finish the book on your mental health day, taking the time to immerse yourself in its world. 

  1. Have a Home Spa Day 

Self-care is an important part of improving and maintaining your mental health. You can practice it in many ways, including taking care of your body. You could indulge yourself by going to a spa or choose to recreate the experience at home. 

Apply a face mask, use a massager, take a warm bath, give yourself a pedicure or just get in your comfiest robe and listen to relaxing music. Take steps to care for your body and your mind can follow. 

  1. Take a Day Trip 

Vacations can be a fantastic break from monotony and burnout. It gives us new experiences, lets us try new things and physically removes us from our everyday stressors. 

Explore somewhere out of town on your mental health day. Try the food, see the sights, and adventure on your own or with someone you love. You could even take a mental health day at the beginning or end of the week and take an overnight trip instead. 

  1. Learn to Meditate 

Meditation is an advantageous skill in an increasingly chaotic world. It uses breathwork to settle the mind and body. Doing this regularly can help you live a happier and healthier life. 

There are many books and virtual resources that  help you learn to meditate. Spending some time discovering what techniques work for you can prime you for routine meditation in the future. 

  1. Journal 

When you feel overwhelmed, writing can help you process your thoughts and identify negative thinking patterns and their triggers. It can also help you decompress and identify the good things in your life. 

There are many ways to journal, including answering prompts, expressing gratitude or just writing down whatever you’re thinking. Journaling on a mental health day is useful if you’re struggling to describe by mouth how you are feeling and what you want to improve.

  1. Exercise

At first thought, exercise might not seem very relaxing. Moving your body can release feel-good hormones and help eliminate pent-up stress. If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find time to exercise the way you desire. A mental health day could provide that opportunity. 

Take a long run, jump on a trampoline, dance, go swimming or just walk around your neighborhood. However you move, make it fun. If you have a sedentary job, you can become restless which can increase stress and lead to burnout. Taking a day to move your body in a way you enjoy shakes up your routine and helps you feel better. 

  1. Get Some Sunshine 

Whatever activities you choose for your mental health day, try to make some time in natural light. Many offices rely on artificial light, but sunshine is much better than you. Natural light is a mood-booster and can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. 

Natural light also provides vitamin D, which improves your physical health. There is a connection between both areas of health. When your body feels better, your mind favorably responds. 

Taking Advantage of Your Mental Health Days

Good mental health is vital for living a happy and healthy life. Making the most of your mental health days can help you recharge for whatever life has in store. Whatever activities you choose, a Myobuddy personal massager can help you take advantage of it all. With just a few minutes, you can relieve pain, recover from exercise or release tension from your muscles. 

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