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Health Benefits of Strength Training

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Guest Blog Post by Fitness Professional Patrick Lenhoff Strength training is very beneficial to many people because it offers quite a bit of protection from a variety of ailments, and it helps to keep a person healthy. When people complete workouts, they can increase their body’s immune system to ward off diseases and colds. There [...]

How to Develop Morning Exercise Habit

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Guest Blog Post by Ultra Marathoner Dan Chabert I don't think I've ever known someone who has complained about having too much time on her (or his) hands. Practically everyone I know leads a life that is filled to the brim with obligations related to career and family, if not also so much more. It's not surprising [...]

Lack of Physical Activity as Dangerous as Smoking

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Guest Blog Post by Health & Fitness Expert Margaux Diaz According to the CDC, 80% of American adults don’t meet recommended exercise guidelines or more precisely, only one in five people meet both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise recommendations. Even without official reports, it’s safe to see that most people aren’t overly active nowadays. Somehow, comfortable [...]


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Guest Blog Post by Fitness Blogger Kelly Joyner Lower back pains can significantly withhold you to minimum normal daily activities and for some, even prevent them from undertaking their normal exercise routines. Nonetheless, even though backrest is important, to prevent further loss of strength and stiffness it is important you do any type of activity. [...]