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All you need to know about electrolytes and why you need them~

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Guest Blogger submission Fitness has become the prime need for so many people. We indulge in sports and workout to get fit bodies and a stress-free soul, but sometimes, due to lack of vital nutrients and electrolyte, this workout gets converted into pain! It is a pure misconception that your body needs only fluids and calories [...]

Benefits of Bikram Hot Yoga and What You Need

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Guest article on Bikram yoga (aka hot yoga) written by Yoga and Fitness Instructor Emily Brathen. Done in a room with a temperature of 104 degrees and 40% humidity, hot yoga or Bikram yoga as it’s popularly known is practiced for 90 minutes and consist of serious postures including 2 breathing sessions. It’s not only beneficial [...]

How Being a ‘Couch Potato’ Can Be Linked to Increased Anxiety Risks

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Live Well Guest Blog Post by Sarah Biel Not many people are aware that being a couch potato can alter the structure of the brain and the shape of neurons which potentially causes damage to the heart and can be detrimental to your mental health.  Several studies have been carried out on links between sedentary [...]