Pro Massager

Myobuddy® Massager Pro


Our classic model is the perfect intro to self-massage.

Adjustable Strength.

Risk-free Warranty.

Professional Strength.

The original Myobuddy® massager. It offers a life-changing massage at an affordable price.

New to percussive massage? This one’s for you!

The Pro massager is the perfect introduction to a professional level percussive massage. Some massagers can be downright intimidating to operate. Our design is easy to hold and use, safe to use over bones and operation is a breeze. It takes only minutes to learn the basics.

Change your approach to aches & pains.

We put the power to relieve pain directly into your hands.  This massager can relieve pain instantly. Plus it can reduce soreness long term, unlike the short term effects of over the counter meds.

Massage goes beyond just pain.

Percussive massage fulfills a variety of needs beyond relaxing the muscles. Our massager can improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety and so much more!


The design that started it all.

Our classic model is powerful enough for a professional but easy enough to use for the novice.

Features & Specs

3 adjustable levels of strength

6″ wide massage surface area

Professional strength

Soft massage pad is safe on bones

Includes 1 white and 1 blue lotion bonnet

30-Day Money back Guarantee

One Year Warranty

Myobuddy® Massager Pro


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