Thoracolumbar fascia

Thoracolumbar fascia

How to Massage the Thoracolumbar Fascia

Often it is not only our muscles that become tight and painful, but also the tissues and membranes that connect them, which is the case with the Thoracolumbar fascia. The MyoBuddy can provide targeted relief in these areas through specific massage techniques. Watch the video below to learn how to focus on this area of the body with your MyoBuddy massager.

About the Thoracolumbar fascia

The thoracolumbar fascia (lumbodorsal fascia) is a deep investing membrane which covers the deep muscles of the back of the trunk. It is made up of three layers, anterior, middle, and posterior. The anterior layer is the thinnest and the posterior layer is the thickest. Two spaces are formed between these three layers of the fascia. Between the anterior and middle layer lies the quadratus lumborum muscle. The erector spinae muscle is enclosed between the middle and posterior layers.

Above, it passes in front of the serratus posterior superior and is continuous with a similar investing layer on the back of the neck—the nuchal fascia.
In the thoracic region the lumbodorsal fascia is a thin fibrous lamina which serves to bind down the Extensor muscles of the vertebral column and to separate them from the muscles connecting the vertebral column to the upper extremity.
It contains both longitudinal and transverse fibers, and is attached, medially, to the spinous processes of the thoracic vertebræ; laterally to the angles of the ribs.