Recovery Musts for Runners

Runners prepare to race


Three RECOVERY MUSTS for Runners

You may be training for your first 5K, or a half marathon or even a full. Or perhaps you simply enjoy running for exercise and all of the health and fitness benefits that come with it. Whatever your goals are, if you are a “runner” in any capacity, you need to make sure you take care of certain muscle groups to avoid injury, and recover faster for your next run. The good news is, using the Myobuddy to recover FEELS good, so consider it a treat once you are done exercising!


  1. Take care of your feet

Clearly everything begins with your feet, but so many runners don’t do a thing to care for the feet. The 20-plus muscles in the foot help enable movement, while also giving the foot its shape. Like the fingers, the toes have flexor and extensor muscles that power their movement and play a large role in balance. In terms of mobility, the Achilles tendon is one of the most important structures in the leg and foot. This tendon in the back of the calf and ankle connects the plantaris, calf, and soleus muscles to the heel bone. It stores the elastic energy needed for running, jumping, and other physical activity. Using the Myobuddy on the feet helps to bring fresh oxygen to the muscles and ligaments to speed up your recovery time, and avoid cramping, stiffness and pain. It also keeps the muscles flexible and loose, which ultimately keeps them healthy. Here is a quick video on how to use the Myobuddy on your feet…


2. Massage your calves

Calf muscles play an important role in leg movement, and particularly in movements that require explosive motion. This makes them prone to overtraining and injury. One way to release tension and help prevent injury is through the use of percussive massage. Percussive massage with the MyoBuddy will elongate the muscle and release tightness that is sometimes associated with overtraining and recovery.


3. Pay attention to your IT band

The iliotibial tract or iliotibial band (also known as Maissiat’s band or IT Band) is a longitudinal fibrous reinforcement of the fascia lata. The action of the ITB and its associated muscles is to extend, abduct, and laterally rotate the hip. In addition, the ITB contributes to lateral knee stabilization. Lots of runners have issues with tight IT bands, so it’s very important to keep this part of the body healthy.

By spending just ten minutes total with the Myobuddy Massager Pro on these three areas, you will reap so many benefits, and remain a healthy runner. If you are experiencing pain or tightness in other areas of your body, you can find more videos in our How to Use section of the website.

Also note that the Myobuddy Massager Pro can be used to warm up stiff or tight muscles and get oxygen and blood moving BEFORE your run. Many times, runners will walk out the door and just start running and this can cause instant injury.

Be nice to your body and give it the warm up and recovery it needs perform the way you want and expect it to!


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