Myobuddy Massager Pro Plus+

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Introducing our newest professional grade massager! Featuring 50 different adjustable strength levels. From gentle to deep tissue intensity. Dial it up or down during your massage to meet your changing needs. Features vibration + percussion + heat. Used by clinical professionals, fitness professionals and by people who need a great massage. See why it’s the best massager we’ve ever made!

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  • 50 adjustable levels of strength

  • 6″ wide massage surface area

  • Professional strength

  • Soft massage pad is safe on bones

  • New lightweight slender design

  • Reinforced and ergonomically designed handle

  • Includes 1 white and 1 blue lotion bonnet

  • Relieves aches, pains and soreness, increase circulation, helps with tightness, sciatica, headaches, stress, anxiety, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, cuboid syndrome, frozen shoulder, shin splints, scar tissue, tendinitis, IT band, posture, inflammation, improve range of motion, speed healing, feels amazing, full body massage in 4 minutes.

1 review for Myobuddy Massager Pro Plus+

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    I own the original Myobuddy Massager Pro as well and you can’t go wrong with either one of them. The PLUS has 50 different massage levels so it’s great if you want to seamlessly change massage strengths during your massage. Both massagers relieve my knee pain and my lower back pain. Both massagers go deep and have the good power that you need. Again, you can’t go wrong. I like having the 50 levels at my fingertips. Love! Love! Love Myobuddy!

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