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Myobuddy Massager Pro 2 Plus+

New Myobuddy Massager® Pro 2 Plus+
Designed with extra power, heat, vibration and percussion — providing a stronger professional grade deep tissue massage that helps relieve aches, myofascial pain, stiffness and more. Convenient push button controls allow you to switch back and forth between 15 different levels of intensity seamlessly. Easily adjust to meet your body’s changing needs!

Why does it feel so amazing?
Myobuddy Massager® Pro 2 Plus+ uses a blend of precise levels of vibration + percussion + frictional heat to deliver a professional grade massage that relieves aches, pains, and stiffness and feels incredible….

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Myobuddy Massager Pro+ CASE

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Myobuddy Massager Pro2 CASE

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