Pro 2 Plus+ Massager

Myobuddy® Massager Pro 2 Plus+


Relieve aches, pains, and stiffness.

15 levels of intensity.

Lightest Model Yet.

Professional Strength.

Our highest level massager offers a wider range of settings, perfect for athletes and professionals.

Unique shape adds versatility to your massage.

Other percussive massagers don’t have heat,can’t be used over bones and tend to focus on just one kind of massage. Our massagers’ unique bell shape allows for more versatility than anything else on the market.

Find new ways to treat your muscles.

15 adjustable levels of strength on the Pro 2 Plus+ mean endless ways to approach the muscles. Higher to medium settings offer pain relief, warm tight muscles, while lower speeds break up adhesions. Set your levels to the exact needs of your body. Adjust levels seamlessly during your massage.

It’s easier than ever to treat the muscles and feel results.

Give and receive a full body massage in 4 minutes. Treat trigger points in 30 seconds. Work on scar tissue daily. The possibilities are endless.


The pro-level percussive massager anyone can use.

The Pro 2 Plus+ is our most powerful massager yet, while remaining lightweight and easier to use than ever.

Features & Specs

15 adjustable levels of strength

Change levels without ever stopping

6″ wide massage surface area

Professional strength

Soft massage pad is safe on bones

New lightweight slender design

Reinforced and ergonomically designed handle

Includes 1 white and 1 blue lotion bonnet

30-Day Money back Guarantee

One Year Warranty

Myobuddy® Massager Pro 2 Plus+


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