2018 Fitness Trends – Recovery and Mobility

Woman stretching with hands on feet

Recovery, mobility and restoration are critical components of your members’ fitness regimens. If executed correctly, recovery has a direct impact on performance and the overall results of any training program, and successful, healthy members translates to an increased revenue stream for you. Plus, it’s surfacing as one of the top fitness trends for 2018. If you don’t offer recovery and mobility classes throughout the week, here are five reasons why you should start.


  • Recovery programming will set you apart. Offering recovery and mobility will differentiate you from other gyms and studios. Many classes and programs end, and participants walk away without even doing some simple stretching. This “hidden gem” will become your members favorite part of their weekly routine once they understand that it can speed healing, make them better athletes, and make daily function and movement easier. This gives you an edge over gyms that are not educating their clientele about it.


  • People want it, they just don’t understand it. Recovery and Myofascial Release are becoming big buzz words, yet many people don’t understand how it works or even what fascia is. By offering simple education, hands-on practical use and the right tools, your clients will truly understand the benefits, and are also likely to spread the word about your facility. You can even consider including a recovery tool with the purchase of a one year membership or personal training session package as a great value and incentive.


  • You’ll stop losing people due to injuries. It’s as simple as that. Offer good recovery programming and you’ll help your clientele avoid pulled and strained muscles that sideline them. Keep them healthy and strong, and they will keep coming back.


  • Positive results keep your members happy! The benefits of recovery are plentiful. Your clients and members will see better performance and less soreness, increased flexibility and range of motion, better circulation, less stress and anxiety, a decrease in inflammation… the list goes on. Offering programming that will not only help your members in the gym, but in their everyday lives is critical too, and something that is sometimes missed. Give this to your members and you’ll reap the benefits.


  • Offering something that FEELS GOOD keeps members coming back! It can be painful to work on sore muscles, scar tissue and trigger points, but providing options that feel good and pamper your athletes after a tough workout is something that will bring you returns. It’s important to make sure you choose the right recovery tools and give your members a great experience every time.


It’s time to start putting time into what makes us feel, perform, and function better. After all, that is our role as professional fitness facilitators, and we all win by doing it. Add a “Feel Good” Recovery Mobility class to your schedule in 2018 and your clients will thank you for it tenfold. Talk to Myobuddy Massager about recovery programming. Email: info@myobuddy.com


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