Diabetes and massage therapy

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Can massage be helpful to diabetes patients?

There haven’t been enough studies about massage therapy on diabetes patients. But the list of benefits of massage may be interesting for diabetics. Benefits include: increasing circulation, bringing more oxygen to cells, releasing stiffness, reducing stress, helping soreness and more.

What the benefits of massage mean to diabetics

Let’s start with the obvious. Diabetics may have trouble getting enough circulation. Less circulation means less oxygen and nutrients traveling to cells. And that’s a problem.

Secondly, stiffness can be a barrier to physical activity. And as we all know, proper exercise is important for diabetics.

Also, too much stress can put pressure on the immune system and may raise blood sugar levels.

Can a diabetes patient benefit from using a massage tool? 

There are many great things about having a professional massage tool at home. First, you never have to make an appointment. Second, you don’t have to pay someone to get a massage. And lastly, the amount of massages you can get are limitless.

Is massage safe for diabetics?

Never use massage therapy or a self-care massager in place of conventional care. Diabetes patients should always talk to their doctor before trying massage therapy or a self-care massager. If your physician suggests massage therapy, you may want to see a therapist that has experience with diabetic patients.

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