6 serious health conditions that can be cured with the aid of yoga

yoga to cure

It is an undeniable fact that when we are told, “yoga is good for you,” we can’t help but agree. Yoga relaxes the mind and spirit, encourages physical fitness and thriving habits surpassing limits, and also acts as a practice serving to only benefit and promote genuine wellness within the human body. While yoga is

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Benefits of Bikram Hot Yoga and What You Need

Guest article on Bikram yoga (aka hot yoga) written by Yoga and Fitness Instructor Emily Brathen. Done in a room with a temperature of 104 degrees and 40% humidity, hot yoga or Bikram yoga as it’s popularly known is practiced for 90 minutes and consist of serious postures including 2 breathing sessions. It’s not only beneficial

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Get supercharged by adopting yoga in your life.

Yoga Benefits

Live Well Guest Blog Post By Alma Causey In the digital age, there is very little time left for the relaxation of one’s self and one’s mind. A typical day consists of buzzing smartphones, attending meetings, rushing to and from work, breakfast on the go and of course, the constant exposure to screens – be

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